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A brand new look for Ibiza Spotlight

We’ve undergone a major re-design making our website much faster and easier to use.

It's not every day that we talk about ourselves, but then it's not every day we have a major redesign. Welcome to a completely new look for Ibiza Spotlight, the number one portal to Ibiza.

‘Holiday-makers need to be able to easily find what they are looking for.'

Since we first went online back in 1999, we have strived to stay ahead of the curve so that you, our visitors, including everyone from loyal supporters to casual readers, get the best web experience for the most comprehensive and number one guide to the island.

In focus: our new home page and world-beating Party Calendar

Whether you come to us to buy club tickets, book a villa, hotel, restaurant or activity we know you want to get to information easily and fast.

Pictures, as you will see, have take centre stage; they are bigger and brighter too - perfect for sharing. Text is cleaner and highly readable as well.

'We've redesigned the site from the bottom up, focussing on what our users' want.'

All sections are colour-coded and our most popular content is now much easier to find. It's also much simpler when you need to book or buy, with everything just a few clicks away.

We've focussed our re-design on making our web experience easier to use with maps integration on our pages, so wherever you are, you can quickly locate clubs, restaurants, activities and places to stay, like villas and hotels.

See villas, restaurants and more with new maps-to-page integration

More than 70% of you view Ibiza Spotlight on mobile phones, so we have worked hard to make the mobile experience clear, fast and reliable.

All pages load much more quickly too: no lengthy waiting around for what you want to see when your phone signal is weak or Wi-Fi is slow.

As our managing director James says: ‘Holiday-makers need to be be able to easily find what they are looking for and not have to wait forever for pages to load. We've re-designed the site from the bottom up, focussing on what our users want; whether searching quickly on a mobile phone or enjoying the full desktop experience. I think people will really love and appreciate the changes.'

Here for you: the Ibiza Spotlight team

Millions of you love our beach and resort guides and many of you regularly read our magazine, full of all kinds of information of what's going on, on the island. Our world-famous Party Calendar is beloved by many - it's something we are very proud of too.

We aim to keep Ibiza's number one guide in top position and hope you enjoy the new look Ibiza Spotlight.

GRAPHICS | Michael Tomlinson and Peter Young

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