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Activity Board: stand up paddle boarding

Experience the ultimate adventure exercise on the ocean, stand up paddle boarding on Ibiza.


The freedom to explore the open ocean, calmly drifting along the waves, where you can find a secret beach or a maritime cave to explore around every corner. This all comes from the serene and adventurous activity that is Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP).

The surf-like experience promises gorgeous views of the Ibizan coastline, combined with the exercise which provides great health benefits and even a bit of an adrenaline rush.

A perfect activity to do with friends and family


If you are a person who needs to fulfil his or her need for wanderlust, then SUP is for you. On Ibiza, guided ocean tours take you around some of the most special spots around the island from cove shoreline gems to inaccessible-by-land beaches, some of which are the most beautiful on Ibiza.

The activity itself is known to be easier to master than surfing and is suitable for people of any age. That said, you can depend on trustworthy instructors to give you a helping hand. It is a great sport to energise your body as it has cardiovascular elements which are fantastic for a total core workout.

The tours allow for breaks to enjoy a snack and beverage and fit in other activities such as snorkelling or taking in a perfect Ibiza sunset. It is all part of the SUP package.

Taking in the warm sunsets of the Ibizan coastline


There are plenty of ways to get into SUP on Ibiza: many boat tour operators offer the sport as an extra to their trips. For those fresh to the activity, the best advice would be to book with a dedicated SUP company, such as SUP Paradise Ibiza who will be able to cater to your precise requirements. You don't have to be like a fish in water but having basic swimming skills is a must.

The beauty of going with a specialist company is that they can not only adjust to the skills of the users but also customise your trip to a particular occasion, whether that be a birthday paddle, romantic getaway or just a fun outing with your best friends.

Once you know your group size, look into the offers that the SUP companies have. Choose between daytime adventures or sunset journeys and set sail on one of these cool boards for a top stand-up-paddle experience.

Practice makes perfect, but it's definitely easy to master!


Organised SUP trips are available all year round. Since Ibiza's hottest months are July and August, many consider this prime time to go, so book in advance to get the ideal date that you want. Be sure to stock up on suncream for these peak summer months, too.

Pack your swimsuit and sunglasses and get in on one of the coolest ways to see this gorgeous White Isle.

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