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New Ibiza pincho food tour draws on the past

Experience the Phoenician and Roman Pincho Route taking place across 13 Ibiza Town restaurants.

Pinchos that hail from the Phoenician and Roman eras on Ibiza are part of an historic culinary tour that starts tomorrow 5 December in several Ibiza Town restaurants.

Running for just six days until Sunday, the first ever Ibiza Phoenician and Roman Pincho Route, draws on the island's rich history to create a food tour over 13 restaurants.

Each restaurant will offer two specially created pinchos priced between €4-7. Restaurants taking part are: A son de mar, Calma, Es Tast, Can Mosson, Can Moreta, Can'Alfredo, el Local, Girasol, Il Decanter, La Cava, Rea.Art, Sa Brisa and s'Ametller.

The event is Ibiza's contribution to an event that spans 19 countries, from Lebanon to Spain, covering the routes and settlements of Phoenician and Roman conquerors.

Ingredients and inspiration for the pinchos have been informed by historical research into eating habits of these periods.

Archaeologist Helena Inglada and the food writer Andoni Sarriegi have provided participating restaurants with support to ensure extra authenticity in taste and flavour for all of the culinary creations.

The eye is firmly on the prize for best pincho which will take place on 10 December, the last day of the historic food event.

Spanish speakers may want to go along to the Puig des Molins Museum on the first day (5 December), where Helena Inglada will give a talk about the cuisine of the two eras at 18:00.

All can go to the food tasting at the museum an hour later at 19:00, where a sample of all the different restaurants' food will be supplied.

For a trip back in gastronomic time in a modern Ibiza setting, this historic food tour will have you licking your lips and leave you full of wonderment.

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