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Banging tunes from the stellar Cocoon closing

Dive into one of the island's favourite parties with this tune selection of its 2017 closing party.

Ibiza just would not be the same without Cocoon. Call it personal opinion or not, Mondays on the White Isle are every raver's Christmas Eve. After the stellar closing party and after-party last week, it took until now for us to wrap our heads around it and recover from the massive bash. Boy, was it worth it.

Not a single moment of grooving on the Terrace of Amnesia went without gratitude for Sven Väth's revolutionary club night. As a writer, it's natural to review dancefloor shenanigans in our heads as we boost on through the night. Cocoon has never failed to leave them buzzing with a dictionary of new words and handfuls of new anecdotes.

Sitting here now with a dreamlike folder bursting with Cocoon-induced memories, it's safe to say we are truly lost for words over a season of techno-madness. After last year's unforgettable after-party at Benimussa Park, we thought that it would be hard to beat. Once again, Cocoon rose to the occasion.

This year's closing had the Main Room of Amnesia soaking up what it's built for: the heavier kind of techno, the one that grabs you from the inside and does not let you go. It came relentlessly from Drumcode head honcho Adam Beyer, Cocoon resident Ilario Alicante and the hypnotic Dana Ruh.

Meanwhile, Henrik Schwarz worked his live set magic in the Terrace, following the genius behind XTC DJ Koze. Of course, Papa Sven took to the Terrace booth until the end of the night and season. Watching us fly as he soundtracked his empire, he carried us into the wee hours unaware of time gliding by.

As every swaying morning ramble to the carpark of the club this summer, the final night once again brought just as many new friends and new tunes. For those who could not be there as well as those who want to relive some parts of it, here is our top ten for the stellar closing last week.

Secret Cinema & Egbert / Maximaal / Played by Sven Väth

Papa Sven has been cosy with Drumcode, rightly so as it is one of the leading record labels for pounding techno, as well as being fathered by Cocoon regular Adam Beyer. This track with its unexpected jolts has been a dancefloor favourite as far as Mondays go, a tune that seriously gets the crowd into the swing of things.

Roel Salemink / Empresa (DEAS Remix) / Played by Adam Beyer

As if the builders of Amnesia were aware of the heaviness that the Main Room should be able to take, the intimate room has taken the relentless poundings of tracks such as Roel Salemink's Empresa for an impressive amount of time. In techno we trust Beyer.

Barbuto / What is Sound? / Played by Adam Beyer

Dipping in and out of the Main Room to the Terrace can without a doubt be confusing for music lovers, in a good way, of course. From Henrik Schwarz's intricate live sounds in the Terrace, fast-pace body-movers like this would set the main room's crowd into a trance.

Fort Romeau / Reasons / Played by Sven Väth

As the sun got ready to rise through the gaps in the Amnesia roof, a part of the building that didn't always exist, tracks such as Fort Romeau's Reasons set the tone. As glimmering lasers stroked the heads of Cocoon fans old and new, it goes without saying, this was an emotional one.

Nick Curly / Amnezia / Played by Sven Väth

It takes a certain kind of DJ to introduce a cocktail of grooves throughout a set. From floaty, ditsy numbers to outrageous beats such as Nick Curly's Amnezia, Sven Väth has had enough practice through the years to send ravers through an electronic journey.

King Unique / Dirty (E-Dancer Remix) / Played by Sven Väth

This is a belter that has not shied away from the Terrace if Amnesia this season. Its big-room layers have shaken the walls of the venue this season. At the time this track was played, the room could have been a crazed zoo, a sight not rare for Cocoon.

Luminance / Johannes Volk / Played by Sven Väth

This year Cocoon Records has kept to its reputation for being one of the best outlets for quality techno. This tune by Johannes Volk had only been released this year, yet its Detroit techno essences have found its way into a hefty amount of sets.

Inigo Kennedy / Voyager / Played by Sven Väth

We all know that familiar feeling when your vision starts to get slightly hazier, your legs slightly heavier. It is tracks like this that are the perfect pick-me-up, almost fairytale-like sounds mixed with that golden bassline had worn-out dancers back on their feet in seconds.

Z.I.P.P.O / Pharaohs Line / Played by Sven Väth

This tune describes the Cocoon Closing to a tee. A perfect mess, this nestle of contrasting sounds left an impact on our danced-out bodies.

Madonna / La Isla Bonita / Played by Sven Vath

Amongst our usual circus of beloved Cocoon friends, a remix of this record was the final tune of the closing, reminding us all where we were: on a beautiful island. Watching the madness of Cocoon switch to a room full of flamenco dancing raversas Väth spun this beauty of a record: Priceless.

This year marked Cocoon's 18th year at the no-frills, music-only venue and its legacy will continue to shift Ibzia's techno scene until water is dry. As we got ready to carry on at the after party, we could not but be a tad saddened that Mondays at Amnesia will have to wait for next year.

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