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Wasa.b lands with tantalising persuasion

A sushi restaurant in the heart of Ibiza Town that packs a flavoursome punch.


One of four restaurants opened in Ibiza Town by Amar Group Ibiza, Wasa.b is an enchanting restaurant that invites you to explore fusions of the Far East al fresco style. Opening in March this year, it's a new addition to the island and with promise of devouring freshly-crafted sushi, we made a beeline for Wasa.b.

Tucked one street behind the newly pedestrianised Vara de Rey in the heart of Ibiza Town's historic quarter, you'll find the eatery on a lively little street that's decorated with a collection of restaurants and shops. On our arrival, we could instantly appreciate why its terrace was a key element in enticing diners. With hanging, hand-painted parasols and pink blooms of cherry blossom adding a splash of colour to the neutral colour schemes, designer Ricardo Coelho gave us our taste of Kyoto, Japan's ancient and imperial capital.

Delicious appetisers

We're all warned not to go food shopping when hungry, so when you're feeling ravenous and faced with the kind of mouth-watering menu Wasa.b offers, admittedly you want it all. With tasteful pictures bringing dish descriptions to life – and most definitely intensifying our foodie desires – we opted for Osaka salad, chicken katsu salad, and chicken and vegetable gyozas.

Each of the above I had tasted before, and as a huge fan of dumplings - whether they be of Chinese, Japanese or Thai origin – I was especially looking forward to tucking in. Soft and juicy on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside, with an accompaniment of kewpie mayonnaise, these were the perfect way to begin. Our Osaka salad – a seaweed salad also known as hiyashi wakame and goma wakame – was sweet, tangy and wonderfully refreshing, while the chicken katsu salad with an incredible layer of panko breadcrumbs packed a satisfying crunch.

Creation with heart and precision

Head chef, Jian Lin, holds heart and precision as the driving elements behind creating the perfect sushi. Additionally, what places Wasa.b at the top of the sushi pack is the secret sauce that binds the rice together, and the fresh products from local producers and fisherman on the island.

Our second round of dishes included the red snapper tartar with mango, spicy tuna maki green, California avocado and salmon roll, and the Japan roll. While my fellow Spotlighter's taste buds didn't favour the red snapper tartar, I found the fusion of this firm, white fish with passion fruit and the ripe, tangy and sweet mango to be an energising synthesis of flavours.

The complimentary fusions continued with the spicy tuna maki green as a combination of coriander, mint and chives with the avocado and cucumber carried through a dynamic punch, packed with green goodness. We had another layer of green goodness with the California avocado top salmon with cucumber, which was brought to life as you bit into the centre with a crisp crunch. And lastly, the Japan roll with salmon, tuna, omelette, cheese, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese was a palate-pleasing, smooth union of textures and tastes – a dish which evidenced Lin's raptness with precision.

To finish, we had a serving of the strawberry and nutella maki, and it proved the old adage that we have separate stomachs for desserts as this scrumptious portion was polished off very quickly indeed.

Exquisite experimentation

Wasa.b is here to push a fusion of Japanese cuisine that hasn't yet been available on the island, and with Jian Lin favouring experimenting with flavours over sticking to tried and tested favourites, you're guaranteed to find something new to you on the menu.

You can always opt for the classics, but we'd push to engage your adventurous side and mix in either the salmon and avocado canonigo, the foie gras California roll, or the egg and cream cheese maki

Quick Facts

What? Wasa.b

Where? C/ Miguel Caietà Soler, 12, Ibiza Town

When? Open daily from 19:00 to 01:00

Why? Unbeatably romantic setting, highest quality food

Veggie Options? Yes, the menu delivers a number of options

Disabled Facilities? Yes.

Top tips? Why not try the sake with the sashimi, carpaccio, tataki, canonigo roll or nigiri.

PHOTOGRAPHY l Michael Tomlinson

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