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Rock music returns with Ibiza Rocks opening

Ibiza Rocks opening goes garage rock with Royal Blood.

Having just released their new album How Did We Get So Dark?, the Brighton two-piece Royal Blood were the perfect headliners for the opening of Ibiza Rocks. After a day at the pool with the likes of Mistajam and Patrick Nazemi, the remainder of glittered-up ravers mingled with rockers who wore an array of band t-shirts.

Black Honey proved why they are currently the talk of the town. It takes a unique kind of sound to open Ibiza Rocks, which was exactly what we received. The troublesome twosome that is Royal Blood had, as expected, made quite the entrance. Sporting a kimono and a bottle of shaken up champagne, drummer Ben Thatcher riled the crowd up further as front man Mike Kerr took to stage.

Ibiza Rocks is like a breath of fresh air when techno gets that little too much. Take the electrifying goosebumps that arise when being submerged in a drop, imagine that x10 and have an idea of the feeling you get when witnessing a guitar solo. That is exactly what you experience at Ibiza Rocks, along with some other pointers. Check it out.

A different kind of madness

Ibiza requires a degree of lunacy, something those on the island are not short of. See for yourself, stay until 7:00 in a club or watch the performances at some of the events. It's a contagious kind of madness. With Royal Blood and Black Honey cutting the rope for Ibiza Rocks, an adrenaline rush was expected to wave over the crowd. Never thought you'd find yourself in a mosh pit in Ibiza? Think again.

Rock has no age.

If there is one thing we have learnt in Ibiza, it's that music has no age limit, and rock music certainly does not. Whilst getting in the mood for the headliners of the night, a quick scope around the open-air venue revealed fans as young as 14. With fringes covering their eyes and worn in band t-shirts, the youngsters moshed away with those over the age of 60, who after experiencing the golden days of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd now made their way to witness Royal Blood. Heart-warming.

The line-ups

With the San Antonio venue being the main and one of the only outlets for indie/rock music on the island, the pressure is on for the booking agent. Luckily, every announcement that involves Ibiza Rocks has riff-lovers grinning.

Later on this season expect a one-off gig at Ibiza Rock's Pikes with the legendary Primal Scream, as well as indie heart-throbs The Kooks and Bastille. Still not impressed? See below for full season line-ups.

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