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Richy Ahmed brings it to Privilege

The one-off event at Vista Club left us hoping FOUR THIRTY TWO will soon return with more.

If you ever have the chance to catch a DJ or music style you love at the Vista Club, take it. This offshoot of Privilege is unique on the island. We had the chance to do so for FOUR THIRTY TWO, a one-off event by Richy Ahmed, and boy what a treat.

After its remarkable success across the UK, including at Sub Club, Fabric and Hidden, FOUR THIRTY TWO landed at Privilege's Vista Club last Friday for the first time on the island. Having debuted as a music label a little over six months ago, the event series showcases Richy Ahmed's darker musical preferences.

The Newcastle DJ brought a handful of exciting artists from his label and more along for the ride. The first of these was Balearic buff Ryan O'Gorman, who warmed up the building crowd. We arrived in time for pure bred DJ and true raver Rossko. The creative tastemaker is renowned for his deep digs and had some badass techno going on with Playing If You Don't Like This House, Get Out by Saytek vs Quantum in the by now full Vista Club.

Set up directly on the dancefloor, Mathew Jonson was up next with his live set. An engaged crowd gave this forward-looking techno producer and Crosstown Rebels affiliate a warm welcome. As they clapped and cheered him on, Mathew took over with a mammoth synthesizer, keyboard and other gadgets. Pumping live techno, he put on quite the show for what were clearly dedicated followers.

Broody, pumping and powerful, his set took off from the start as he layered the bassline. Often distorted, twisted and dirty, the driving trotting bassline was sprinkled with psychedelic sounds. Dancing with his synthesizer and other toys, he brought it all out and took the crowd on a bouncy spin, including a live rendition of his own remix of Subb-An's Say No More and Typerop. Quite impressive.

Richy Ahmed took over from there and came on fierce. The mood instantly changed, and any chance of my retiring early for the night vanished instantly. A broken leg — which he apparently got while playing the afterhour of the Circoloco opening — did not stop the tech house master from pulling out a monster set. Sitting on a stool, he turned the Vista Club into paradise.

With a trippy remastering of Brock Wild by Sebo K and Crabjerk by Mr G, the crowd was captured. As the dancers joined the party in nothing but boy shorts and skimpy tops, the bassline picked up and Richy took us on a space ride. The result was exquisite. Turning heavier, the beat galloped through the night and before we knew it, it was morning. And what better place than the Vista Club to greet that sunrise?

If you are after the kind of party that sees people fully engaged in underground music, keep an eye open for this one. Make it the Vista Club, and you are in for a double treat, the closest you will get to dancing outside after midnight with its floor to ceiling views of Ibiza Town and the sea. FOUR THIRTY TWO turned the Vista Club turn into a proper underground haunt. All we can do is hope they come back for more. Soon.


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