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Flower Power in full bloom at Pacha

The flower children came out to play at the island's iconic 60s shindig.

If you have ever found yourself thinking, “I was born in the wrong generation, I should have been alive when the hippies were around,” Pacha has the party for you. Flower Power, one of Ibiza's most iconic events, brings clubbers back to the free-spirited times of the 60s through its mixture of funky tunes, exuberant décor and outlandish guest interaction.

In its 37th year since its inception in 1980, the bohemian party moved to Mondays last year and once again the flower children showed up in full bloom ready to get down.

Striding into the venue, I could hear James Brown's Get Up (Sex Machine) echo through the entrance. I felt as though I were walking through a time portal into the 60s. Colourful ribbons of shimmering linen streamed across the ceiling through plush peace signs, as a giant disco ball gleamed in the middle of the dance floor.

Attendees had their best hippie attire on display as vibrant bell-bottoms and circular John Lennon glasses could be seen throughout the venue. At the front of it all was the stage which featured singers and dancers in garish outfits to tie everything together and give the club that authentic groovy feel the 60s is known for.

Only bona fide jams from the era, like the Four Tops I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) and Soul Finger by The Bar-Kays were played to keep the attendees moving and grooving throughout the night.

The night was not all Aretha Franklin and The Bee Gees, however. Those who needed a break from all the soulful songs had the Funky Room upstairs with proper tech house for the electronic music aficionados. Although considerably smaller than the main floor, the Funky Room was packed with house heads and hippies bouncing to the thumping beats.

Flower Power did a wonderful job immersing you into the whole experience. At one point while I was dancing, a person dressed as a blue Indian deity on a carriage was hauled through the floor, blessing clubbers with his positive vibes.

What was even more heartening to see was the wide age range of the audience. Everyone, from millennials who can only wish to have been alive during the 60s to grandparents who actually lived through the era and were enjoying some nostalgia, could be seen shaking their tails off together.

The highlight of the night came when John Lennon's Imagine started playing, as all of Pacha sang in unison. It was just one of those beautiful moments of unity, perfect considering all that is going on in the world right now. From the dancing, singing, and laughing, Flower Power served as a nice reminder that sometimes, “all you need is love.”

PHOTOGRAPHY | Ana Ruiz de Vilota

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