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Review: Sintillate opening at Nikki Beach turns on the heat

The first date of the summer season delivers a double-dose of sparkle on Thursdays and Fridays.

As though Nikki Beach were not sparkling enough already, Thursdays and Fridays now deliver an extra shot of glamour with Sintillate. Judging from the opening party this past week, they promise to make Nikki Beach the place to be and be seen this summer.

After taking over Nikki Beach in Mallorca and Marbella, the award-winning party concept kicked off at the Ibiza location last Thursday 11 May. With all but two sunbeds taken and a full restaurant, the enticing beach club was teeming with beautiful people of all ages, including the DJ. Sintillate has an open door policy but everyone likes to look his/her best here.



As island favourite Loéca took care of some catchy house tunes, the mood was infectious on the sea view poolside deck. Many danced around the pool and the signature octagonal bar, which is also home to the DJ booth.

The happy vibe here does not come as a surprise. Every little detail at Nikki Beach is carefully curated to celebrate the pleasures of life and provide an optimal experience in every area. Add Sintillate to the equation and the party level is also turned on another notch.



Throughout the afternoon, Anastasia McQueen paraded around the venue giving display of her masterful saxophone skill. Anastasia often played her sax alongside DJ Loéca. The result was nothing short of spectacular. All this in sparkling suits and sky-high heels, like the dancers on the cubes around the pool.

As the two played many the classic house pieces together, the energy level rose. Tunes like Kungs & Cookin On 3 Burners' This Girl, Faul & Wad & PNAU's Changes and Kenny 'Dope' Pres. The Bucketheads The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) had everyone dancing, some even on their sunbeds.



On top of the opening, one of the guests had a birthday. In classic Sintillate style that calls for one thing: a champagne show. The staff came out holding what seemed like endless bottles of champagne with sparklers on them while Anastasia played happy birthday on the sax, quite the touch. As the guests sprayed champagne over each other, the occasion turned into part of the event and even more reason to party on.

At both Sintillate and Nikki Beach, celebrities and models blend with the rest of the crowd. The opening party was no exception. A group of Black Tape Project models and friends showed up casually settling around one of the sunbeds.

With its family-friendly upmarket model, Sintillate welcomes everyone who likes to enjoy a good party without the hustle and bustle of the clubs. Founder Gary Sewell, who was also at the opening, shared this ethos with us.

Historically Ibiza is often viewed as a place of excess and debauchery. Gary sees the scene changing from late night clubbing to daytime partying: delicious food, impeccable service and a chance to socialise with likeminded people of all ages. All these are built into both Nikki Beach and Sintillate.



Until 21 September, the party starts at 11:00 and continues until 20:00. While Thursdays will see other artists, including percussion and violin shows, on top of house music, Fiesta Fridays bring in a latino feel, with samba and salsa on top of house music.

If you are looking for an even more sparkling version of Nikki Beach or simply want to party in glamour, check out Thursdays and Fridays at Nikki Beach this summer. Want to really spoil yourself? Go ahead and book one of those lush beds for a daytime party like no other. In Nikki Beach style, tell only your favourite friends.



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