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Labyrinth opening delivers a musical trip

Labyrinth bring a unique sensory experience to the island.

After experiencing the monumental IMS Dalt Villa Party, we soon scooted over to Pacha for the opening of Labyrinth. The meet and greet from the large, flashing illustrious Pacha cherries was enough to infuse even more excitement into my night.

Renowned for its glitz and glamour, and of course breathtaking parties, the infamous superclub opens its doors to the brand new concept. As my first visit to Pacha, I was excited to gain my own view of this iconic club, and yes, it went beyond any great expectations I had.

Stepping into the club as quickly as possible, some people finishing dinner in the prestigious restaurant, others having a browse in the shop, hoping to take a memorable Pacha souvenir home with them. I first notice gothic melting wax candles closing each corner of the room. Something about Dracula came to mind. Choosing to stand on the steps for a while with the attendees not quite ready to take a place on the fast paced floor, we all gained the opportunity to admire the beauty of the hedonistic world which Labyrinth created.

To paint a picture for you, imagine a place with entwined green vines swinging across points of the ceiling and long stem plants surrounding the entire dance floor. Ginormous stone-like head figurines decorated with red and blue tribal paints, held a powerful presence by welcoming you to be a part of the Friday night tribe. Audios and visuals complemented each other, allowing clubbers to completely transcend into a jungly realm and immerse themselves in unadulterated hedonism.

The reliable and legendary Sasha was holding forces in the cornered DJ booth. Looking as casual as ever as he played the Four Tet Remix of A Violent Noise, creating an eerie ambience, heightening the crowds' eager, anticipated thoughts on how the night would turn out. Ready to leave the preparatory steps, I made my way through the dance floor and found a balcony overlooking. Whilst taking in the sensational view, I hear The Age of Love (Jam & Spoon Mix), a track I have never heard played out in a club before, but distinctively recognisable with its classic trance characteristics of fast paced high-hats and unique rhythmic arrangements.

The lady who understands how to create a signature sound, Maya Jane Coles took over from there playing Remy Unger track The Moral Knight, which got the fiesta officially going with its driving bass and Balearic percussion. Groups of people danced their way to the floor. Tribal tech-house tune, M.F.S Observatory's Coming To Town was another crowd favourite with its uplifting vocal and subtle percussion. With Maya's great reputation I was unsure where she'd go from there but she excelled and stepped it up a notch playing Monika Kruse and Pig&Dan's techno anthem Get Me On, shortly following with a Neil Flynn remix of VIMES' track Rudal - taking everybody on board through a Maya musical journey.

Finally, Hot Since 82 made his way to his rightful place behind the turntables, playing his first track, I Want A House Kit by Collective Machine. As the vibe transcended, so did the production with confetti cannons and white prominent lasers. The track Trivial from the elrow Label, produced by Ki Creighton & Makanan was one of many bouncy tech-house tunes performed by the Yorkshireman. Prominent basslines and lengthy breakdowns kept the crowd engaged throughout the three hours of play. Although a contrast in set from the other artists who played that evening, the headliner clearly knew how to keep the audience on their toes, as the crowd responded to each track with flamboyant arms and exhilarated smiles.

Thus went down the first night of Pacha's newest party. With legendary guests every week throughout the season, Friday night in the cherry world is set to deliver a quality new event.

WORDS | Georgia Smith PHOTOGRAPHY | Pacha

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