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British continue love affair with Ibiza

Ibiza is the number one choice of destination for the British according to a new survey

Ibiza is top of the charts for the British, who will be choosing the island as a number one holiday destination this year.

A new survey of European holidaymakers' travel habits for 2017, carried out by TripAdvisor, reveals that Brits favour the White Isle as the most popular place for short haul trips away.

Ibiza remained number one thanks to its sparkling mix of amazing world-beating clubs, pristine beaches and terrific weather.

Whilst the survey highlighted savings that could be made by going to alternative locations, people are still choosing Ibiza's inimitable mix of attractions, as evidently they are just too good to miss out on.

As well as the White Isle, four other Spanish locations feature in the UKs top ten list of short haul destinations - proof that the British are set to continue their love affair with not just Ibiza, but Spain in general.

The mix of amazing nightlife and world-beating clubs on Ibiza is hard to beat

Other top ten Spanish destinations include Majorca, Barcelona, Benidorm and Gran Canaria, taking third, seventh, eighth and last places respectively.

The most popular long haul destination for this year is Bali in Indonesia and as regular visitors to Ibiza will know, Balinese influences abound on Ibiza too.

Here, you can get recline on stylish Balinese four-poster sunbeds and enjoy one of the many Bali-inspired beach clubs or restaurants.

You can even get yourself some gorgeous Balinese clothing and jewellery without the need to take a long haul trip to Bali itself. It's all on Ibiza.

So, why not invest in a second Ibiza holiday this year - that sounds like a fun summer to us.

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