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San Antonio tapas and pintxo Thursdays back for 2017

Enjoy tasty, affordable snacks every Thursday in San Antonio’s celebration of the pintxo.

The ninth annual Pintxa San Antonio festival arrives on 9 March with 37 restaurants and bars participating. Every Thursday night you can do a tour of the town's eateries to wolf down the delicious, affordable small skewered bites known as pintxos and the more substantial tapas.

It's a hugely popular event which brings the locals out in their hoards. The range of dishes is truly impressive and you will be amazed by the prices at €2.50 for a drink and pintxa or €4.50 for a drink and tapas.

The name of the game is to sample as many different offerings from around the town so be prepared for a long night of overindulgence. As well as the traditional meat and fish recipes, there will be vegetarian and sweet delicacies to choose from.

To help you cover as much ground as possible the town operates a cute little road train which will whisk you from bar to bar and also allow you to sample the treats of the venues that are slightly further away from the town centre.

The quality is high as the different restaurants compete to be judged in the hotly-fought pintxo competition. Last year's winner Bar Es Puig will be working hard to maintain its title so that sounds like one pit-stop not to be missed.

The town will be heaving - the event's Facebook page has more than 4000 likes which tells you how popular it is. Islanders wouldn't dream of missing out on a night of feasting and fun.

Head for San Antonio every Thursday between 9 March and 13 April for snacks to tantalise the taste buds. Just make sure you take a huge appetite with you.

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