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Made in Ibiza - Nikki Beach

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Sebastian Dolinsky is general manager of Nikki Beach Ibiza. Here he tells us of his experience in launching the global beach brand's Ibiza outpost and the achievements made since it launched three years ago.

When did you first come to Ibiza?

"My first visit to the island was when I came to Nikki Beach Ibiza's first signature White Party in 2013, we were all very excited about joining our latest property and supporting them with their opening party – I was working at Nikki Beach Marbella at the time – little did I know at the time that I was to come back to this property as the General Manager."

What did you do when you first came here?

"Although I arrived for work purposes I was very excited to experience some of the famous nightclubs, on the first night we visited Pacha and the second night we went to Space – I was blown away about the atmosphere and the grandeur of these famous nightclubs!"

What were your first memories of the island?

"My first memory of the island was its natural beauty, amazing beaches, clear water and the diversity of people you meet – I had always heard that Ibiza has a special energy but it's only once you live here that you realize how special it really is."

Tell us about yourself and what you do at Nikki Beach Ibiza?

"I am currently the General Manager of Nikki Beach Ibiza, I have been working with the brand for the last 4 years, the last 2 winters I was fortunate enough to support with the openings of our locations in Dubai and Bali."

In your own words, how would you describe Nikki Beach Ibiza for someone who has never been there?

"Nikki Beach is the very first and original luxury beach club concept that combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one. Our style of service is professional with a friendly smile, our waiters are hired for their personality and we encourage that to shine through when they are serving our guests. For someone who has never been to Nikki Beach Ibiza before - I urge you to come down and see it for yourself. I am very proud of the property - the view is spectacular! Our brunch on Sundays is something everyone should try at least once when in Ibiza!"

What is special or different about Nikki Beach Ibiza?

"It is located on the East coast of the island in Santa Eulalia, on a magnificent beachfront property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the property itself is beautifully laid out with elegant brown and white furniture that you would typically find in any Nikki Beach location around the world. In Ibiza we focus on our style of service and signature sharing style dining. Our signature boats that come with an array of spectacular food from our globally inspired cuisine are highly bragged about, the feedback has been very positive."

What is your proudest moment at Nikki Beach Ibiza?

"Our Ibiza venue is a very intimate one and we treat every guest like a celebrity. When we hosted our Red Closing Party last year in 2015, I took a step back to watch the team work and I saw them making so many people happy and could see the progress we had made in that season. I was very proud of how far we had come and the end to a fantastic season. This year has been even better - I am blown away by how incredible it has been. The Red Closing Party on the 30th September this season is expected to be even better with some very special surprises."

What satisfies you the most about what you do?

"My biggest satisfaction is seeing the smiles from guest faces that are visiting our venue and the interaction with the team – I feel very fortunate to be the manager of such a great team, when you watch members of the team develop and gain confidence in their ability it is very rewarding."

If we were sitting here a year from now looking back on this year, what would be the main achievements for Nikki Beach Ibiza?

"I feel we are establishing the brand on the island and the progress we have made over the last 2 years is astonishing. What gets me excited is that there is a lot to come form our venue and from our team and I cannot wait to see what the next season brings. Our weekly parties such as Sun Pool Fun (every Saturday) and our Amazing Sunday Brunches have been a great success this season and we aim to make them bigger and better next year!"

What can we expect to see from Nikki Beach Ibiza in the future / next year?

"At the moment we are in the planning stages for the 2017 season, we are looking to do a possible collaboration with another brand on the island to host a weekly party which we feel could be very successful. I cannot release any information just yet as it is not confirmed so watch this space!"


WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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