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Romantic places to discover in Ibiza

Balearic paradise for lovers

Everyone has a different definition of romantic - for one person it's a slap up meal in a fancy restaurant; for another, a can of beans warmed up around a campfire - but one thing undeniable to all is that Ibiza is awash with scenic spots for fulfilling every loved up lothario's dream. Our little corner of Balearic paradise is home to jaw-droppingly dazzling vistas, secluded coves for secret deeds and restaurants that specialise in setting the mood, so if you can tear your eyes away from each other for more than a fleeting second, take a moment to seek out these island treasures - you might find yourself falling in love all over again.

Nature's finest

Sunrise at Sa Talaia

Nothing screams romance quite like seeing in the new day while wrapped in the arms of the person you love, but that feeling is multiplied significantly when you've climbed to the top of Ibiza's highest point, the whole island is laid out below you and you're sipping on a glass of still-cold champagne that you've carried up in your backpack. A new day; a new beginning, and the excitement of knowing this will be the first day of many more spent together.

Early morning skinny dipping

Yes, get naked. Because there a few things more invigorating than ripping off all your clothes, sprinting through the sand and diving head first into the ocean in all your buff beauty. All you need to do is pick one of Ibiza's many beaches, head down around the time of sunrise and then bask in all your no-holds-barred nudity. And don't be shy - Ibiza has seen plenty of dangly bits before.

Moonlight beach walking

One for the less constitutionally brave, this is a pretty good substitute for going starkers. And much like before, it involves relatively little effort. Find yourselves a partner, lock arms and then stroll along the surf as it crashes gently at your feet while the moon lights your way from above. You could even take a blanket and lie down for a spot of stargazing, pointing out in determined certainty that every constellation in the sky is Orion.

Sunset spots

Hostal La Torre

Ooh, this one's a cracker. Taken over by the Mambo Group in 2015, restaurant and Hostal la Torre has already become a staple on the sunset circuit, and is regularly entrusting top DJs like DJ Harvey and Kölsch with its soundtrack. One of the great things about this place is its tables dotted about the cliffs, so you can dine just the two in relative seclusion while looking out onto one of the most famous sunset views in the world.

The Es Vedrà watch tower

Es Vedrà is one of Ibiza's most prolific symbols, and according to legend, one of the most magnetic points on Earth. But all that's by the by when all you're looking for is a beaut of a backdrop to watch the sun says its daily farewell. Torre de's Savinar is the watch tower high atop a cliff overlooking Es Vedrà, so clamber your way up, take a seat and be blown away by the sprawling sea beneath you.

Hacienda Na Xamena

This is the kind of place that you see in holiday brochures and can't quite believe your eyes, such is its majesty. And then you get there and realise the pictures didn't even do it justice. This spa hotel has clifftop views you can't imagine and infinity pools for days. Even if you're not staying at the hotel, it's well worth popping in for a sunset drink or dinner, just to sample some of the magic yourselves.

Rural restaurants

La Luna Nell'Orto

Nestled up in the sleepy northern village of San Miguel, La Luna Nell'Orto is a restaurant that specialises in Mediterranean cuisine and serene vibes. The courtyard oozes calm; an oasis of green peppered with candlelit tables, and the faultless service makes you feel like the only two people in the world.

La Paloma

A top tip is to head to La Paloma for lunch, when in the summer you can smell the sweet odour of citrus from the surrounding trees, and in winter you can warm your hands by the roaring fireplace. You'll find this restaurant in the rural village of San Lorenzo, where the food is infused with love and served to you on a plate.

Sa Capella

With its own rustic courtyard and views taking in the twinkling lights of San Antonio below, Sa Capella is a firm island favourite. The building itself is an old converted church, but don't let that stop you from tucking into the free hierbas they'll give you - if anything is guaranteed to get the romantic juices flowing, it's alcohol.

Hot under the collar hotels

Can Pere

The Can Pere Country Hotel is the kind of place that sprinkles petals on your bed so that your other half enters the room and immediately feels like the prince or princess they really are - we all deserve roses, amigos. That, coupled with its rural location, luxury rooms and sensational pool make it a no-brainer if you're looking to disappear off the map with your beau.

Agroturismo Sa Talaia

On the outskirts of San Antonio, the Agroturismo Sa Talaia is a dreamy hotel and spa that's the ideal spot for unwinding with your other half. It has the added bonus of being surrounded by pine trees and beautiful gardens, and there are Balinese beds for dozing by the pool in the warm summer sunshine.

Ses Pitreras

If hot tubs are your idea of romantic heaven then you're in luck, because at Ses Pitreras in San José, you'll get one of these and a terrace all to yourself if you book one of the hotel's exclusive suites. They're also liberal with the welcome cava and chocolate-coated strawberries - if that doesn't whet your whistle, nothing will.

WORDS | Abby Lowe

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