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Review: Aquabus boat trip to Es Vedrà

Unparalleled views of Ibiza's magnetic island

Es Vedrà is Ibiza's infamous enigma that lures visitors with fascinating and mysterious tales of myths and legends. As someone who is always ready to entertain the weird and unexplainable, I've been drawn to this striking corner of Ibiza since I first landed for a season last summer. It's said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle. This fuels one of the most popular suggested facts that its magnetic field is so immensely powerful that birds become disorientated and compasses lose their ability to get a clear reading. For the human beings who consider themselves in tune with environmental energies, the magnetic energy and general vibe of Es Vedrà is a meditative hotspot for healing and inspiration. I'd heard stories of people going further than viewing it from the cliff edge opposite and swimming in the 80-metre-deep dark waters that surround the rock, only for them to feel expelled by negative energies.

My mother is also as intrigued by Es Vedrà's mystery, so while she was over we took the opportunity to explore this treasured gem from sea level with Aquabus Boat Trips. We set off on the 4-hour trip at 10am from San Antonio, travelling along the coast and made a few stops along the way - including Cala Tarida and Cala Vadella - which was a great way to see some of the beaches and get the towel down for some tanning action. Both guides were really involved with the group getting us excited when Es Vedrà came into our vision ahead and fuelled the riches envy by pointing out the celebrity houses dotted along the coast, including Naomi Campbell's sprawling home.

The sun was hidden that morning and the sky was gloomy, which had Es Vedrà cast as an even more looming figure in the distance. When we were finally within a few metres of the rock, the grey skies had it looking a little eerie. It was pretty incredible seeing it from this viewpoint, with its 400-metre stature standing tall and us a mere speck below it. I, like most people, had only seen it from the cliff edge, so it was amazing to get what felt like an exclusive look at it from every angle and then imagining the story of Francis Palau y Quer who'd once lived there for a short period after his exile from Catalonia. One of the guides was quick to emphasise on a number of occasions that very few visitors have an opportunity to see this mysterious rock from every side. We watched it grow smaller in the distance as we found a spot near Cala d'Hort for a dip and a snorkel. The sky had cleared and the sun came out - it was bliss. They also laid out fresh watermelon and a selection of baguettes and drinks. After a 30-minute stop it was back to dry land.

It's a highly recommended trip with Aquabus as the guys on-board are extremely helpful and attentive with a lot of knowledge about the island and of course, Es Vedrà. A fantastic way to spend your Sunday morning and to see a very special, treasured part of the island.

Available every Sunday from May to October. More information here.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence

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