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The beautiful beach of Puerto de San Miguel

Featured Ibiza beach


On the north coast of Ibiza, you'll find the lovely Puerto de San Miguel beach, the old fishing area of San Miguel. Evidence of this can be seen by the rows of fishermen's huts that line this cove. Whilst the beach has a good few hotels around it, once on it, you won't notice them as the waters are lovely and the views spectacular.


Taking in the view of private island, S'illa des Bosc

It's one of those beaches that gives you a resort feel, and indeed it is one. You have lots of amenities close by though without the thronging crowds of a big resort. This pretty beach is backed by pine-covered rocks and hills and there's natural beauty as far as the eye can see.


This beach truly has it all, from sun-bed lounging, walks to the beach's rocky cliff edge or even up the natural caves of Can Marça. You can use up that adrenaline by trying out a water sport or sampling one of the resort's restaurants: fish lovers adore Port Balansat. Great views can be had after a climb up the cliffs to see, S'illa des Bosc, a private Oligarch-owned island. If you head south, you will come to an ancient pirate defence tower, called Torre de Balansat o des Molar. Snorkelling is amazing here too

How to get there

You will need a car to get here, unless you are staying in the resort of the same name. There's a good amount of parking too so you wont have to hike much.

Ibiza Spotlight tip

You'll love being part of the family at the C'an Maries Country Hotel, where the owners give you great local tips, spoil you with hospitality and have you in a place of pure peace.

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