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Choosing a villa for your Ibiza wedding

Say "I do" in a beautiful Ibiza villa

Interest in choosing to decamp friends and family to get married on Ibiza is growing and growing: the island is reputedly among some of the most popular places in Europe to say the words 'I do'.

Some villas can take up to 120 wedding guests so renting one out could be your best option to have one of the most magical marriage experiences you could want for in a beautiful private setting.

If your villa is your wedding venue you'll save on costs too and with flights, transfers and all the actual wedding expenses to consider, this could be a great bonus.

In most cases you will have to have an official wedding (usually back home) to get your actual marriage licence, reserving Ibiza to declare your love for each other in a lovely romantic location with all your closest friends and family.

In a villa you are usually right slap in the middle of beautiful countryside and if you are lucky you might be close to the sea too, so you could have a ceremony on the beach.

First decisions

Many choose a verdant Ibiza countryside setting when chooosing or one closer to town- that's a very personal decision of course. Get a feel for your villa by browsing the web, starting of course with our villas page.

You will need to check that your villa can hold a wedding for lots of people as some are only licensed to host the maximum number of people that a villa accommodates with beds.

If you plan on making a lot of noise note that there is a noise curfew at midnight. You could head for the bright lights of Ibiza afterwards, so consider this when looking at location.

You will most likely want to engage the services of wedding planners such as Ibiza Service Center so you have someone on the ground to handle all eventualities.

What type of villa?

So what kind of villa do you want? Do you want sparkling modernism with minimalist design or do you want rustic Ibicenco charm. Here, we give you a few ideas to get you thinking.

Luxurious Opulence: in the north near San Carlos, this villa in Morna Valley mixes the old with the modern with some stunning design-magazine-like outside space too. You can celebrate with up to 70 people here.

Countryside charm: How about a pair of 500-year-old fincas? with this country villa in Santa Eulalia will give you a lovely slice of Ibiza rural life. A maximum of 60 guests are allowed here.

Close to town: this individually styled villa in Ibiza Town mixes eclectic and modern styling with exotic North African influences. It's a mere five minutes from Ibiza Town too and can accommodate up to 120 people for such an event.

On top of a cliff looking over the sea: If the thought of really being amidst nature strikes you sea view villa Cala Salada will allow you and your guests to commune with its lush green surroundings and stunning sea views. 120 guests can be catered for at this villa too.

If these are not to your liking, head over to our dedicated villas for weddings page.

What else?

There are many other items you will want to make your big day special. Ibiza Spotlight's Weddings' page is a good place to start.

As well as being able to locate basics such as catering and reception venues, if you plan to have your sit down meal elsewhere, the Weddings' Directory has useful links for hair and make-up for the women (or men), pre-wedding massage services and a service that can ensure your Champagne supply is taken care of.

We hope you have fun plannng your wedding on this magical white island. A toast to you!

Article fully updated January 2018

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