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Ibiza's almond trees in bloom

A blanket of light pink

A visit to Ibiza at this time of year is made extra magical by the almond trees in bloom with their pretty pinkish-white blossoms and sweet perfumed fragrance. The island has some spectacular natural beauty, and this nature display is a big yearly highlight. It is also an event which many of the locals and Spanish people participate in and when you go, you'll see why it's an unforgettable experience.

The blossom is out a little early right now and will endure for the next five weeks, especially around the Valley of Santa Inés which will be a blanket of light pink by day and a dazzling silky silvery carpet below the moon and stars by night.

Each year thousands of people will do the route, either the short Santa Inés Valley one of four kilometers or the longer 15km one. This is the time when Ibiza's spring is close by and the flora regenerates itself ready for a hot summer.

One of the best ways to see the blossom is by night in February when the moon is full on the walk organised by San Antonio council. For this you'll need to meet outside San Antonio's Town Hall (ayuntamiento) at 8pm on 20 February for a walk that will take you all the way to Santa Inés. At 11pm, there's a break when Parents Association of one of the local schools will be selling drinks, cakes and sobrasada sausage to keep your spirits up.

This year's full moon falls on 22 February and with the trees blooming earlier this year, make sure the blossom is still around before you go on any walk. There are other almond blossom walks organised by local walking groups too and these are due to start now. Walking Ibiza is running a full moon walk this Sunday 24 January and a daytime walk on 29 January. The Ibiza Walking Association is also doing a full moon walk this Sunday with another bigger Valentine's Blossom Walk on 14 February. Take a look at both their Facebook pages for details and updates in the links above.

For the many that have done the almond blossom walks, it's sight of wonder that stays with them for a long time. Try not to miss it, but if you do, there's always next year.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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