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How to choose a villa on Ibiza

All you need to know to get your perfect villa on Ibiza.

2019 is fast approaching, so it's time to get thinking of getting yourself a villa for next summer. Holiday homes are increasingly popular and often great value on price, meaning demand is high so the earlier you do it the better. In this piece, we explore all the areas you need to consider before booking your dream Ibiza villa.

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First things

You need to be clear on your budget and how many people there will be in your group to ensure that all are comfortably accommodated at the right price. Then, check that payments can be made safely: either pay via credit card, to get protection against any breach of contract. Alternatively, use an agency that has a strong relationship with the villa owner, should credit card payment not be possible. Both approaches help to reduce risk. Also, fully check out the cancellation policy and review all terms and conditions to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Choose a good agency

You should consider using a reputable rental agency, one that has on-the-ground support should anything go wrong. Be aware of the difference between a listing website and an agency. Online agencies such as Airbnb or Homeaway are illegal in the Balearic islands, which includes Ibiza and do not provide the kind of vetting and assurances that a local agency will. At Ibiza Spotlight we know all the owners of the villas that we offer and we constantly check that standards are maintained: this is what you need to look for to avoid being sold something fraudulently or that does not live up to its promise.

Is the villa legally registered?

Always check that the villa has been legally registered with the Consell, the island council – the website or agency you use should display the licence number and if you are in any doubt, ask to see a copy of the registration document. This number means that the villa has passed all safety and regulatory requirements.

Be advised

A competent villa agency should always be able to answer any kind of question you have and respond quickly. By giving them a call you'll soon be able to see if they are above board and can provide clear and honest answers. Trust your gut too: if the villa is too good to be true for the price or the pictures seem old, then maybe something is wrong. If in doubt, always question what you see.

What do you want?

Location really is everything on this island. Most villas will be located in a more tranquil location, some nearer all the action. If you are here for clubbing then you'll be better off being a 15-minute taxi ride away from the big clubs, so look at places around San Antonio, San Rafael, Santa Gertrudis or San José. If you are a family with small children, Playa d'en Bossa might be a bit amped-up for you, so better to choose a more peaceful, verdant location. Around San Antonio is great for kids since there are so many activities to engage in from all kinds of watersports to boat trips and some beautiful beaches like Cala Salada.

Catch them if you can

With more and more people booking earlier and earlier each year, the time to start looking is NOW! People have already started booking, peaking in January, which is the busiest month for the Ibiza Spotlight villa team - time to do that research.


Whilst Ibiza puts on extra bus services in summer, you really don't want to rely on pubic transport to get around, ditto taxis because of the expense and inconvenience of waiting. As most villas are located in the country it makes sense to and there are all sizes and varieties on offer. If you are only going to be using a car for mainly food shopping, then you get a company to have your groceries delivered and for getting from the airport and back, you can book a transfer service.

Checking in

Most villa owners prefer check-in and check-out days on Saturdays, so book your flights at the same time as you book your holiday home - it will work out much cheaper, especially if you are coming in high season. Make sure that once you have booked you can get easy access to the owner, as it is likely you will have questions. If your flight is very early, you may want to see if you can come early and hang around the pool or just deposit your suitcases. If you can't leave your bags, then there are left luggage places near the airport, in Ibiza Town or Playa d'en Bossa - never leave suitcases on display in your hire car.

When to come

Villas are the most expensive from 15 July to 15 September, so the best deals are to be had outside these dates. May, June and late September are great times, when the summer season is warming up or cooling down. In the low-season (November to April) will have amazing bargains, so you could come for an extended stay, write that book you've been dreaming about or just see a different side of Ibiza.

Instant venue

A villa can make a great venue for a wedding or big birthday celebration, but you must always ask the owner if you can do it and get their permission. You can't just bring in a load of people and have a big party; that's just because of basic health and safety considerations and the fact that villas are mainly insured for the capacity number of people advertised. There's also the neighbours to consider, so don't be inviting everyone you met in Amnesia that night.

What you want out of your villa?

There are lots of things to consider based in your needs, some good questions to get you thinking include:

  • Do the cooking facilities allow you to do a big meal like a dinner party?

  • Do the bedrooms have twins or doubles?

  • Do the pictures meet your wants and needs - take a good look?

  • How many bathrooms are there ie, one bathroom would be difficult for ten people?

  • What are your priorities: do you want lots of home entertainment and games for example?

  • What do the reviews say; often other people's comments will help you find the right villa match and you can see if any problems have been addressed satisfactorily?

  • What are the outside facilities like: is there a barbecue; is the pool gated for children's safety; are there enough sun loungers or parasols for sun protection?

  • Last and far from least, what's nearby, are there restaurants, beaches, clubs, quaint villages, places to go walking? Make a list of your wants before you book and you're more likely to have the holiday you want.

Following these simple rules you are more guaranteed to get the best all-round deal for you and the place that best suits your group, plus you'll have the security that your booking has been made safely. Buen viaje!

Our Spotlight villas' page has a great selection of trusted Ibiza holiday homes, make it your first port of call.

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