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Insider A -Z of Ibiza: X is for Extreme

Ibiza's alternative activities

Ibiza's standout appeal to most lies in the club life, beaches and music. However, if you fancy doing something equally exciting that doesn't involve dancing and drinking, then there are plenty of alternative activities to do on the island that will appeal to the adrenalin junkie in you. Here's a few ideas that I recommend which are action packed and a proper break from the Ibiza norm. The magical landscapes lend themselves perfectly to outdoor kicks, whether it be on the water or off...

Quad Excursions

Discover the more rugged side of Ibiza's countryside on an off-road adventure, speeding from Cala Conte to Es Vedra atop a meaty quad bike, stopping off midway for a dip in the azure sea. Having access to areas only navigable this way means seeing the island's beauty from a whole new perspective. At breakneck speeds. A proper buzz.

Insider Info - E Move Ibiza run tours from San Antonio and can accommodate groups of up to 12 with a drink and a snack thrown in for good measure. These guys know the island like the back of their hands, so be prepared to go places you would never dream to find otherwise...

Cliff Diving

Everyone wants to believe they have the guts to perform running, flying jumps off bad boy cliffs into the crystal waters surrounding Ibiza. The seascapes surrounding the island are perfectly formed for hurling yourselves, legs akimbo, into the deep blue sea. A true, raw thrill.

Insider Info - Imagine being guided by a professional team who know the most outstanding spots for cliff jumping and who will make sure that you are safe whilst facing up to leaps of varying degrees of challenge. Rockid Ibiza will transport you to some mind-blowing cliff faces and then egg you on to take bigger and bigger vaults. Having cliff diving pros around means there's less chance of you bottling out...

Fly and Hoverboard

A brilliantly absurd concept, yet totally exhilarating, the fly and hoverboard allows you to bomb through the air above the sea on a jet-pack, whilst pretending you are the star of a futuristic James Bond movie. Boosting you skywards over the water, you can indulge your inner superhero and attempt spins and back flips to the soundtrack of your choice.

Insider Info - Jet Pack in San Antonio offer 15 or 30 minute experiences and throw in some drinks to boot. Why wouldn't you!?

Surf House Ibiza

Although Ibiza boasts some of the most stunning beaches known to man, one thing is lacking - waves. If you're a fan of surfing, or would just like to try your hand at it, the new beach club in San Antonio has installed a unique wave simulator called the Flowrider. Designed in California where surfing is a mere pastime, this static wave machine is suitable for surfers of any level and is overseen by surf teachers and lifeguards. Genius.

Insider Info - Make a day out of it! The Surf House is also home to some super-comfy day beds and a luscious food and drinks menu. Watch your mates attempt to surf, cocktail in hand and then chill out for sunset with a soundtrack provided by the island's resident DJs. Beach bum Balearia epitomised.

For more information on how to book all the activities above and more, please click here.

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Insider's A - Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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