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Review: Discover the fun at Surf House Ibiza

Lose yourself for the day


Going to Surf House Ibiza in San Antonio Bay is one of those occasions where you could lose yourself very easily for the whole day and many of its guests do just that. The main event is the wave machine which creates an artificial über surfing environment for you to hone your surf skills or simply get started if you've never ventured out on a board before.

This is a great place for families or anyone wanting to ride the waves or simply relax and chill in the outside area. We went along as a group of kids, celebrating a birthday, with an age range from four to fourteen as well as two very novice adults. A few of the kids had already had some surf practice, so were naturals when they jumped on their boards to ride the fast jets of water being pumped to the top of the slope. The great thing though, is that they have instructors constantly on hand to help guide people of all levels to raise the bar each time they take to the spit of the wave.

Super instructors

So, for an adult beginner like me, it was with just a little trepidation that I launched myself onto the water, only to end in a big fat fail, with the water jet powering me back to the top. Unruffled, and unharmed, I went back to it, and with the patient guidance of the instructor, I was back in the game…initial embarrassment over. Then, following his instructions I was soon sliding from left to right, riding that wave like a natural. Of course the teenagers I was with were putting me to shame, standing and kneeling on their boards, but hell, I didn't care: the whole point is to just get on the board and try it out. Each time I put in more effort and was quickly rewarded, plus it's such a fun atmosphere, that you'll find you'll only be competing with yourself – and that my friends is the point.

For the more experienced surfer dudes out there, they give you mini stand-up boards with a length of rope to hold above you to provide balance. A few of the kids tried, some fell off, all got back up again and all were just excited to try it out. Just after our session ended, one of the instructors did a big surf all around the wave machine, doing some spectacular spins and turns and getting big roaring cheers of approval. It gives you something to aim for, though I expect I'd be having, well, a few more visits before I got to his level.

Prize-winning food

Surf House is one of those hybrid activity/chill places that you'll just love. It has some great music, live singers and a saxophone playing DJ and an altogether fun vibe. There's some great food options here too with their burger recently voted the best in Ibiza. We went for some sharing plates: massive nacho mounds with delicious tomato salsa and guacamole; a supremely tasty cured ham with pan con tomate, tomato bread and the most delicious pizza I've had in ages - a prize contender – the quality of everything was just excellent. There's also tapas, a range of burgers and a fabulous salad selection for all tastes and waistlines.

Of course, you don't have to surf to come here, though it's well worth it once you're there. You could of course just relax with their mango flavoured ‘Surfing Mojito' or a cold beer and watch your kids or your mates as they take to the waves. There's a volleyball court, a great little pool and therapeutic massages if you really want to unwind. There's even a well stocked surfing shop and boutique with quality gear: Surf House branded clothing and top brands like Hurley and Quicksilver, plus everything from shorts to sunglasses.

Lots of aquatic adventures

You'll find a range of surfing ticket options, with the best deals on group bookings for either 5 or 10 people for 60 minutes or a special family option for just €99 for four people. It doesn't end at the surf either as you can book lots of other aquatic activities here too. The most popular are the Jet Ski, the Stand-Up Paddle boards and the Flyboard, which pumps you up into the air on massive jets of water, so you can take in the beauty of the bay.

So, if you are after adventure or just a place to hang out all day, Surf House Ibiza really does have it all – go and try for yourselves!

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOS | Aide Monge

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