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Insider A - Z of Ibiza - L is for Luxury

Treat yourself.....

Over the years, Ibiza has become synonymous with being a playground for the rich and famous. A heavy influx of cash-laden folks has meant great things for the economy and with it has brought a steep incline in VIP culture. Clubs are now able to sell tables to clients at very high prices indeed and cordoned off areas in beach bars and restaurants are getting bigger and bigger every season.

But many would argue that this glitzy approach doesn't match the Bohemian philosophies of hippy-like Ibiza back in the day. Although we are all for evolution and change, the locals know full well that luxury here on our magical white isle need not come in the well-documented glittery packages you see everywhere. Read on for some of my top tips for luxury local style...

Can Pujolet Agroturismo Hotel

For those amongst us who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza's hot and sticky high season, a romantic night or two at rural hotel Can Pujolet always does the trick. Located way up in the north of the island between Santa Agnes and San Mateo, this converted finca is a million miles away from the clubs, pubs and parties. With private terraces to which your home-cooked meal can be brought, Can Pujolet is a tranquil sanctuary oozing luxury at affordable prices.

Insider Info - Take the 20 minute hike through the surrounding forest to the cliffs to watch sunset and experience Ibiza's rustic and natural side at its best.

Mamboats Luxury Boat Charter

For the ultimate day out, the locals love hiring their own boat and hitting the seas for a day of cliff-diving, snorkelling and lounging. Mamboats offer a service that is ridiculously affordable for a group. Splitting the costs between you and your friends means that you get sky-high levels of quality and a day out on the water with your nearest and dearest. The Mamboats skippers will speed you through the waves to a succession of tiny coves and caves then return you to watch the sunset outside Cafe Mambo from the comfort of your boat. And with a toilet on board, you simply can't get more luxurious than this!

Insider Info - Tag on the drinks package to the price and you will be greeted with a generously stocked bar of beer and prosecco. This avoids any scary extra drinks charges at the end and is superb value for money.

Es Vedra sunset picnic

Nothing quite beats an Ibiza sunset overlooking Es Vedra. But to make this a luxury trip for you and your loved one or friends, there is nothing quite like taking a sumptuous picnic including platters of jamon iberico, pate, manchego cheese and cava to the cliffs above Es Vedra and watching the best gift that nature has to offer. Take cushions, blankets and candles and make yourselves comfortable in style. As the sun sinks down into the water behind this mystical rock, you will feel like the richest person in the world!

Insider Info - Ibiza Delivers can prepare a hamper for you which will be nothing short of a veritable feast. Find the hippy cave up by the pirate tower for a secret spiritual experience and once you have created a welcoming space with your picnic, throws and ambient lighting, sit back for one of the best shows in the world.

Private dinner on the beach

There are a wealth of high-end restaurants in Ibiza designed to cater for the discerning palate and the fatter wallet. However, if its an intimate dining experience like no other that you are after, then why not hire one of the many accomplished private chefs to help you host an alfresco dinner. Dine on a beach with your toes in the sand and the sound of the waves in your ears. Hey, if you really want to go to town, you can hire in a local musician who will play to you as waiters serve you at your white linen-laden candlelit table.

Insider Info - Sid Shanti is the best at this in the business. Having had years of experience both in the kitchen feeding the likes of Jamie Oliver, and on the island seeking out those special spots for a VIP private dinner, his attention to detail will provide you with the most extravagant and memorable eating adventure you could possibly wish for. And rumour has it he has his own brand of Hierbas coming out soon!

So there you have it. An insiders guide to some of the more imaginative ways to style it out on your trip to Ibiza.

Next week, M is for Music - I will be getting involved in the never-ending subject of music, for which the island is so well known, but will be sharing some of the more uncovered spots and parties which the locals hold dear.

Insider's A - Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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