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Insider A to Z of Ibiza - I is for Ibiza Town

Paradise city

When visiting our magical isle, it's nice to have a bit of variety, what with it being the spice of life and all. We all love spending the day at the beach, but how about a day spent in Ibiza Town soaking in the culture of the capital of this tiny paradise? There's so much to do, see, eat and drink, here's a rundown on some of the things that us locals love to do when we have a bit of time to spare...

Breakfast at Ebusus

A proper insider's secret, you will rarely find tourists breakfasting here despite its prime location on Vara De Rey. The tables outside get the sun all morning, making it a fab place to meet for your morning eats. Add to that the fact that the prices are ridiculously cheap, and you've got yourself a winner. Their Desayuno Ibicenc is a mere €2.95 and includes tostada (toast smothered in delicious tomato pulp and an island prerequisite), freshly squeezed juice and a coffee. An excellent way to start your day.

Insider Info - If you visit Ebusus in the evening, you will be flabbergasted by the price of beer and wine. No more than €2! And if you sneak into the back room, you will witness Ibiza's golden oldies getting stuck into a game of dominoes. This place rocks.

Los Molinos Beach

Los Molinos Beach

Who said that there is no beach in Ibiza Town? Just a short walk away from Vara De Rey, lies Los Molinos, a rocky beach which is frequented by the gay community of Figueretes. Flat layers of rocks make wicked sun-loungers as they reach towards the sea which is super fresh and clean all year round.

Insider info - There is also a ‘secret' Los Molinos beach. Clamber over the jagged rocks to the side, and you will discover a tiny sliver of sand hidden under a cliff over-hang. Also the local's favourite rock diving spot...

Lunch at the Indoor Market

If you survive the huge cliff dive, then head up into the new part of town to the covered market for a spot of lunch. At the edge of this wonderful mercado, which is home to some incredible organic vegetable and seafood stalls, you will find a tiny little cafe which has no menu. For the royal price of €3.50, you will be presented with some ridiculously tasty home cooked fare concocted from the market's finest produce. This joint attracts anyone who is in the gastronomical know - from seasoned clubbers to the local police. Expect to drink at least 4 gin and tonics, which strangely is the tipple of choice at this no-frills eaterie.

Insider Info - Order the liver (higado). Do not be put off by the nature of this dish. This offal is definitely not awful and could possibly be one of the best kept secrets on the island...


Now full of gin and bravado, where better to head than to the quirky museum of curios that is Inkadelic - tattoo shop to the stars. Tucked into the corner of Mercado Viejo in Ibiza's Old Town, be prepared to be faced with a plethora of taxidermy and a very accomplished tattoo artist. Having inked the bodies of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Neil Ahern's legendary status precedes itself. He has tattooed on the island for over 20 years, and his little studio is now home to an almost mystical collection of artefacts which make the painful tattooing experience just that little bit more endurable.

Insider Info -Take a treat for the love of Neil's life, his dog Scratch, and you will immediately weaken Mr Ahern at the knees. Which could possibly equate to a minuscule amount of less pain.


Of course after having your fill of Thai food, you will need to regain your strength. And what better way to do it than by venturing up the back street of Thai'd Up - Calle De La Virgin. The gay quarter of Ibiza's old town is as colourful as its many rainbow flags and about half way up, you will find Sunrise, a cheeky little bar run by Andreas, also known as Splatter Man because of his incredible tattoo, incidentally penned by the legendary Neil Ahern himself (see above).

Insider Info - The unique selling point of this wonderful bar is the fact that there are absolutely no bar stools. In their place are swings. Yes! Real swings. Hanging from the ceiling! You will find it very difficult to leave once you begin to sway on them - either through child-like fun, or because Andreas has plied you with ridiculous amounts of hierbas.

Next week, J is for Jesus. A suburb of Ibiza Town with a personality all of its own...

Insider's A to Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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