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Acclaimed London theatre comes to Ibiza

A mini-musical about love, revenge and peanut pasta

It's not often Ibiza is visited by a critically acclaimed theatre company with successful runs in London's off-West End theatre land. So when Ibiza Spotlight heard that November 13th and 15th sees Hatstand Production bring their brand new play Nicola to the island, we were pleased as punch. The off West End theatre zone in the capital city's square mile is well known for providing a stage for theatre land's newer and up-and-coming artists - the stars of tomorrow.

Hatstand Production were founded by two extremely talented actors, Lily Lowe Myers (who is also the writer of the plays) and Robyn Cooper - at once actor and martial arts master. Last year, they brought their highly entertaining play, Truth's Vision to Santa Eulalia's Teatro España. Yours truly was lucky enough to attend, ladies and gents and I had an absolutely wonderful evening at their funny, touching, uplifting show. To see the ladies in action, check out the trailer for last year's performance.

So what to expect from the new show? Well, firstly, it's another mini-musical (yea!) and features a fully original score, composed and performed live by Omar Shahryar. It's dark, hilarious, uplifting and has some surprising twists and turns along the way, promise the organisers.

Like Truth's Vision, Nicola is a 2-woman show. The plot, in a nutshell, sees protagonist Nicola going next door to feed her neighbour's cat and there she meets another woman. The two women make a shocking discovery, learn a lot about their own lives in the process and both change forever as a result.

The play explores the relationship between the female partner of an unfaithful man and the traditionally hated ‘other' woman. The play sees the two women work through the predicament they find themselves in, in interesting, positive and often humorous ways.

The show has just had a very successful run at London's Bridewell Theatre and was rated an average 4.5 out of 5 by its obviously impressed reviewers in Time Out magazine.

“This show was absolutely fantastic - funny, modern and highly entertaining. Fantastic music and acting, and an ending I was not expecting at all. Bravo, I will definitely be back.”

An interesting fact is that the entire theatre company are practising Buddhists, perhaps explaining why this big-hearted team very generously donate a portion of ticket sales to local Ibiza orphanage, Casa de Acogida in Santa Eulalia. €500 euros was donated to the orphanage last year which bought their 15 resident children a modern course in English. They're hoping to double their donation this year - we say let's help make it happen!

You can catch Nicola at the Centro Cultural in Jesus on 13th November, and Teatro España in Santa Eulalia on 15th November. The play will start around 8pm, lasts around 45 minutes and tickets are €10.

If you would like to book, please email the organisers directly on

Editor's note: Those on the island can get tickets in person from the end of October from Holidays (opposite Santa Eulalia's theatre), Calle San Jaime, 74 and Holy-Sport in Ibiza town, Avenida Ignacio Wallis 5

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