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Midnight Tales fashion show tonight at Pacha

We chat to Parisian designer Marianne Baby about her Ibiza-born fashion label Midnight Tales and reveal details of tonight's art, fashion, music & dinner extravaganza

Tonight sees Pacha's regular Friday night event FUDE hosting an exclusive night of catwalk fashion by Midnight Tales at Ibiza's most stylish club.

Doors open at 9pm, the fashion show will begin at 10.30pm and it's free entrance ladies and gentlemen. And tonight, for Halloween, this iconic Ibiza club will transform one of its plush rooms into a very cool restaurant with an especially bloodthirsty Halloween menu. Meaning you get to eat, drink, dance and check out the latest exclusive designs, born right here in Ibiza, all at the same event. Gentlemen please take note. Attendance at this event will score you huge brownie points with your fashion-loving other half. But you'll need to call or send an email and make a reservation if you want to take advantage of this rare, dining opportunity: fude@pacha or 971 310 959.

Midnight Tales have been on the Ibiza Spotlight radar for a while, with owner-designer Marianne's vintage collections and unique, elegant designs being seen increasingly gracing the shoulders of many discerning Ibiza movers and shakers. When we heard that she was showcasing her new collection in the prestigious dancefloor of Pacha, we were even more impressed. So we grabbed a few minutes from Marianne's hectic schedule to find out a bit more about the work of this up-and-coming, Parisian born, resident Ibiza designer.

When did you first decide to become a designer?

I never really decided to become a designer, I'd worked in fashion for years and always loved clothes. I realised at one point I could not find exactly what I was looking for in shops and started to imagine the designs I wanted. I always collected really special vintage pieces too.

Could you tell us a little bit about Midnight Tales? How did it all begin?

Midnight Tales project was originally about clothes for dressing up at night-time, special pieces that were original or fashionable. It included my vintage collections and some designs of my own. So it's a collection of hand-made and unique items, made in Ibiza with precious fabric selected in Paris plus some stand-out, vintage, hand-picked pieces.

What can we expect to see at Friday's fashion show at Pacha?

On Friday you'll see a mix of classic and new designs. Some pieces are exclusive to the event. The show will focus on my original designs rather than the vintage collections. I will reveal 10, very special outfits and the show will start at 10.30pm.

What or who inspired your latest collection?

I don't have any particular inspiration. I usually simply wake up thinking - “Today I want to do this”. Still, I do follow what is going on in fashion every now and then although I prefer to not get too much into what other people are doing.

How long have you lived in Ibiza?

I was coming to Ibiza for many years working throughout the summer season. Then two and a half years ago I moved permanently to the island, which was a really good decision. Also, I must say that without that step, I probably would not have ended up designing clothes. Thanks to Ibiza, I managed to focus on myself better and started to focus on doing things that were good for me, allowing me to be more in harmony with myself.

Which shops stock your clothes and swimwear?

This summer I stocked collections at km5, El Ayoun, Le Studio, Suite and La Boutique at Babylon Beach Club. I also made a few appearances at Boutique Hostal Salinas' Sunday market, Once Upon a Time. Outside of ibiza, you can find my collections at Cosi Cosi, a cool, concept store in Antwerp, Belgium and this winter, I'll focus on developing the brand's expansion into Europe.

What is your favourite fashion item?

I have no favourite fashion items , I love all kinds of stuff!

Who or what is your biggest inspiration and why?

Maybe my biggest inspiration came from Ibiza, from the fact that I feel good here and ideas just fly out of my mind.

Finally, what advice would you give to any aspiring designers out there?

It's important to have some funds set aside to start up with. It's also really great to have help and support from friends or family because it's a lot of work to build up a good business. There are many aspects to consider, from sourcing clothes and labels, organising publicity for the designs, pictures for that publicity, a webpage, marketing, designing, production and more. It's a lot of work for one person!

We say to all you fashion lovers out there, do not miss this chance to catch Midnight Tales tonight at Pacha for this exclusive Ibiza fashion show at 10.30pm. Not to mention music by Dazzla, Boshan Montes and Carlos Jurado plus an art exhibition featuring the work of Luciano Chacon. Art, fashion, music & dinner. That's a huge thumbs up from us!

For dinner reservations email fude@pacha or call 971 310 959.

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