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Top 5 reasons to book your Ibiza holiday in advance

Ibiza 'veterans' know these tips. We pass them on to you.

Our mission here at Ibiza Spotlight is, as always, to help you plan your dream Ibiza holiday and planning, as they say, is worth its weight in gold. So today we're going to look at the advantages of getting your planning done in advance.

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than finding yourself, for example, in unsuitable accommodation that does not fit your needs because your preferred hotel or villa was already booked solid (dammit).

Not to mention hearing about fantastic sounding restaurants and activities that somehow, months later, you have to try to remember, locate and book, taking up your valuable time and often ending in frustration. Iconic Ibiza restaurant Bambuddha Grove is a classic example. The favourite of many who arrive in Ibiza, excitedly looking forward to dining there, only to find it's booked solid all week. Arrrgghh!

And relax...

When Spotlight's founder started the company over 35 years ago, he did so with all these little niggles in mind. His aim? To make your visit to Ibiza as easy, streamlined and stress-free as possible. As you can imagine, over the decades we've discovered the very best of the island and negotiated the very best deals, which of course we pass straight on to you. It's for this reason that whatever we recommend to you here on our site, we do so with utter confidence.

That's how, since the late 1970's dear reader, we've helped tens of thousands of happy visitors book their perfect Ibiza trip. Here's how.

Simple, safe, secure

All our accommodation bookings, whether huge impressive villas or humble hostels, are fully insured and guaranteed with some hotels offering up to 30% discounts on advance bookings. A quick glance through our magazines will quickly reveal what's on and what's hot around the island, whether it's clubbing that takes your fancy, or maybe gentler pursuits, such as eating out, sporting activities and visiting the villages, mountains and beaches of Ibiza.

But did you know we've recently made it even easier for you to plan your perfect Ibiza trip? For example, you can now book your favourite restaurant, months in advance, directly through Spotlight. So no more worrying that you won't get a table in your favourite Ibiza restaurant at your preferred date and time for that special occasion, you can now book it months in advance!

Save time and money

And what's more, you can book tickets for a massive range of things to do in Ibiza, from club tickets, excursions and private boat rental, to simple car, scooter and bike hire. All in a couple of minutes, from the comfort of your own home. What's more, bookings for all activities on our site are fully refundable if cancelled up to 48 hours in advance.

Not sure which restaurant to go for? Why not have a read through of some of our hundreds of professional restaurant reviews to put you immediately in the picture. It's easy with our handy search engine. Want to know what previous guests of your potential hotel or villa think of it before you book? Check out our genuine customer scores and/or reviews given on each property's page.

Of course ladies and gents, all of this local expertise at your fingertips is best accessed in advance. And so, without further ado, here are 5 good reasons to get organised, be smart, let your fingers do the walking and save yourself a packet by booking your holiday in advance.

1. Cream of the crop

Book next year's accommodation early and take your pick of the cream of the crop. Ibiza veterans know that the most popular hotels and villas are often booked up way in advance.

2. The coolest deals

When you plan and book your precious holiday leisure time in advance, you'll save time and money when you arrive in all kinds of unexpected ways. Fancy paintballing for example? Get it booked in advance and you can request that the cavalry come and pick you and your fellow ‘soldiers' up at your hotel or private villa! Fancy meeting the dolphins of Ibiza and Formentera? Book it for the first couple of days of your holiday in case a (free) repeat trip is necessary.

3. Early bird discount tickets

Lovin' clubbin'? Keep your eye on our party calendar and book your club tickets online for early-bird savings. Many Ibiza party tickets become considerably cheaper if you book in advance, especially opening and closing parties. Just sayin...

4. Cheaper flights

If you book your accommodation early, then you can be poised and ready when the budget airlines open bookings for next year (usually around Christmas) often offering sizable discounts to those cunning early-birds, catching the worm once again.

5. Bag the best deals on wheels.

Again, early bookers often bag very happy discounts on good quality car-hire that best fits their needs, unlike the last minute options which often offer less car for more cash. Savvy visitors know this and that's why the car you wanted last minute is often not available. They bagged it last year (for a fraction of the price) way in advance as you watch your six-foot mate try to fold himself up grimly into the back of a Renault Twingo. Oops...

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