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Mind, Body and Soul - Unconditional Love (Part III)

Part III - Carolina Corada, teacher extraordinaire in the Course in Miracles and the powerhouse behind the forthcoming Ibiza 6 Night Easter Enlight Retreat, shares with us her thoughts on Unconditional Love in a four part series.

© Carolina Corada

Part Three in Carolina Corada's series on Unconditional Love -

Resisting Unconditional Love

Are you aware you have been resisting Unconditional Love all your life? Yes, you have been resisting It because there are aspects of guilt and resentment that you still hold dear. It's true -for some- though; obviously, not for everyone.

You know you are resisting Unconditional Love when,

  • The size, the weight, the color, or the citizenship of the other, is used to determine if he/she is worthy of being loved.
  • When you'd rather be right in what you think, than happy, for example:
    ‘men are only interested in one thing',
    ‘you can´t trust Latinos',
    ‘gays are perverts';
    ‘women are the enemy'.
  • When you feel strongly against a race or a group:
    ‘I don´t want my child to marry an actress',
    ‘I try to stay away from gypsies',
    ‘I don´t talk to people who do drugs',
    ‘He/she deserves to die'.

If you've agreed to any and all of the above, you are resisting Unconditional Love. Honestly, can we look into someone's eyes and discard them because according to our ‘List of Conditions to Be Loved', they have not complied? This is our greatest error and herein lies ‘The Great Shift'. Unconditional Love does not need justification. Unconditional Love serves the ‘I' who is willing to experience it, and then extends.

In our society, resentment is highly valued and justified and Unconditional Love seems to be impossible as everyday events present us with diverse conflict opportunities. These ‘opportunities' hide a desire that will never come true: ‘To drink a bottle of poison (like judgment, hatred, resentment) and hope the other one dies”. It's not going to happen. The one ‘drinking the poison'; the one accepting the unloving thoughts as true, is the only one who will suffer the consequences of the absence of Love.

Observe the following questions and ‘feel' the answers within you, so as to know yourself a bit better. Not to judge yourself, but to discover your hidden emotions.

  1. When you judge someone (ie: She's such a brat; He is really not intelligent), how do you feel?
    a)Happy? Yes__ No__
    b)Peaceful? Yes__ No__
    c)Loving? Yes__ No__
    d)Uncomfortable? Yes__ No__
  2. When you choose to ‘love' someone ‘special' (in a romantic relationship or in a friendship), which one of these emotions are triggered?
    a)Fear? Yes__ No__
    b)Jealousy? Yes__ No__
    c)Ownership? Yes__ No__
    d)Uncertainty? Yes__ No__
  3. When you consider in your mind, Love without conditions, loving everyone without justification, you feel,
    a)Confused –that can´t be decent.
    Yes __ No__

    b)Guilty – I can´t love my best friend the same way I love my boss.
    Yes __ No__

    c)Upset –Some deserve to be loved –like children- others don´t deserve it –like thieves.
    Yes __ No__

    d)Happy –I can accept anyone in my heart.
    Yes __ No__

And yet we all know, somewhere in our unconscious mind, that everything anyone does has a shared hidden purpose: to be loved and to feel accepted.

No one said Unconditional Love was an easy thing to achieve. The judgmental mind, that is, the ego mind -the one in charge now- has left no room for the true Joy that unconditionality brings. When your mind chooses the ‘Unconditional Love Mode', everything is much easier. Every event, relationship and choice flows easier. Consider it for a moment. If I am in the Unconditional Love Mode, I can talk and enjoy any and all conversations; I appreciate any and all situations because my objective is no longer fear, anger of judgment. My sole goal now is Love, peace of mind. But if I am resistant to It, all kinds of alarms will be triggered, specially the one called ‘Guilt'.

Is it correct to allow Unconditional Love to fill your heart and extend to killers, rapists, abandoning mothers, corrupt politicians? Yes. It is a challenge that many have already undertaken. Nothing in the physical world is required from you. Willingness is the only requirement. The result will blossom in your heart, in your inner world and set you free.

Are you ready to be free?

Carolina Corada is the woman behind the very successful Ibiza Enlight Festival, October 2013 and invites you to join her at the forthcoming 6 Night Easter Enlight Retreat, Ibiza (15th - 21st April, 2014)

Photo credits: Images kindly supplied by Carolina Corada

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