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Mind, Body and Soul - Unconditional Love (Part II)

Carolina Corada, teacher extraordinaire in the Course in Miracles and the powerhouse behind the forthcoming Ibiza 6 Night Easter Enlight Retreat, shares with us her thoughts on Unconditional Love in a four part series.

Part Two of Carolina Corada's series on Unconditional Love - Moving Towards Unconditional Love

Unconditionality is a bright light in the mind of anyone who has dared to make everything that was different, the same. Yes. You read correctly. … make everything that was different, the same. But as we know, you've been resisting Unconditional Love your whole life.

Here are some characteristic that hinder the experience of Unconditional Love.

Have you ever felt that:

  1. Being different is better than being the same
  2. Being ‘special' to someone is the way to go
  3. Having a ‘significant other' is perfectly desirable
  4. Some deserve to be loved and others don´t
  5. It is OK to feel ‘better' than another

The experience of Unconditional Love requires willingness to question every value you hold, because Love is extension, and to withhold the smallest gift –from anyone- is not to know love's purpose. (ACIM, Ch.24, 2:1:2)

As we shared in the previous article, ‘Unconditional Love' can be quite a mystical experience and yet it is just around the corner if we set our mind to it and accept that certain aspects of our thought system need to change. Those aspects pertain 100% to judgment and separation.

  • Comparatives & Superlatives
  • Prettier, prettiest / dumber, dumbest / kinder, kindest / wealthier, wealthiest … and so forth…. ‘I/You are different from me'. … I/You deserve. … I/You don't.

Can Unconditional Love present itself within us if we hold judgment dear? Well, not really! The word itself –unconditional- aims at releasing our conditioning thought system and accepting that a judgment-less mind is a possibility, with a bit of willingness and mind training.

In you and in ‘the other' there is a loveable quality that is identical, and for Unconditional Love to present itself to us, we must be willing to relinquish triumph over the other because when one loses, we both have lost the experience of Unconditional Love.

And here I am, holding Unconditional Love in my heart and sharing this thought with you. I've been Love-struck. Yes I have been, and so have you, but you forgot! The memory of it shall return when you accept in your mind that it's OK to love everyone and everything.

  • It won't cost you (but your toxic thoughts!)
  • You don´t have to say it or do anything about it (It's an abstract experience!)
  • You are required only to feel it (In your heart, and then let the smiles blossom!)
  • You are required to be willing to relinquish the invitation to conflict (with honest observation!)

Everything and everyone was ‘Created'. Different thought systems/spiritualities/religions have diverse opinions on the subject, but everyone seems to agree that there is a ‘spark' of light in everything. Now, if this was true, what part of that ‘Creation' made a mistake? Are some sparks shinier than others? Could it be that the judgmental mind made a mistake by judging instead of looking to see the perfect ‘spark' in everyone?

Ponder that for a while.

Here is your challenge.

Next time you go to town, would you be willing to seek for the ‘spark' in all others, instead of seeking for the error? And this has nothing to do with the actual ‘other' but with you, with your inner choice. The experience within you will change, because –and perhaps you have already noticed- our experience is dictated by our thoughts/our opinions and if they change, our experience will change.

Do you want to accept the challenge?

Carolina Corada is the woman behind the very successful Ibiza Enlight Festival, October 2013 and invites you to join her at the forthcoming 6 Night Easter Enlight Retreat, Ibiza (15th - 21st April, 2014)

Photo Credit: Images kindly supplied by Carolina Corada

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