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Christmas Costs in Ibiza

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise as you’re still finishing off your turkey sandwiches

It probably won't come as much of a surprise as you're still finishing off your turkey sandwiches that the cost of everything we like rockets at Christmas.

The Diario de Ibiza tells us that the average family spends €322 on food and drink for the festive period. The feast would typically involve anchovies, patés and cheese to start, roast suckling pig, sea bream, baby eels, and a variety of seafood accompanied by wild mushrooms and other vegetables for the main course, and nougat and sweets for later.

All washed down with wine, Cava, whiskey and hierbas, the costs soon begin to mount. If only Sr. and Sra. Average had thought to stock up 3 weeks ago when they could have bought exactly the same food for €50 less!

No wonder then, that the local consumers' organisation has been advising people to buy well in advance of Christmas. Our own advice is celebrate round about the end of January when all the food prices are back to normal and there are loads of cheap presents in the Ibiza sales starting on 7th January.

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