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Editors' Choice - 15th August 2013

A Must Read for Ibiza Virgins to experienced visitors - the real Ibiza, each week, every week for Summer 2013.

"Change is not loss, it is change only."

Time for a little gossip…

I have been listening for some months to an unhappy and growing rumbling amongst many ex-pat residents and frequently returning ‘off-islanders' on Ibiza. It started off as an occasional remark, a subject of tentative conversation but of late has become a full blown cacophony of outrage. In fact, I don't think I've attended a social event for the last month without this horror and indignity being raised…The ex-pats (and indeed ‘off-islanders' who consider themselves in the know) are seething - one even asking me' What are you going to do about it?'

Before I tell you what's got feathers so ruffled, let us just step a decade or few back in time on Ibiza for a little perspective…

Cue the 1960's and the Hippie Movement arrives on this tiny land. Long haired, loosely (if at all) attired, all peace and love, the Ibicenco's dressed in swathes of cloth, working hard on the fields and terraces beneath the unrelenting sun, greeted these strange people warmly and made them welcome. Did this ruin Ibiza? No (some may be so bold as to argue now with hindsight that it has done the island a huge amount of good – and indeed, been part of the attraction for the ex-pat community… ahem)

Cue the 70's and Pacha, what is now one of the World's leading Super Clubs, arrived on the island. Within a short space of time, the people followed. Not hippies but dance folk. The impact was huge but did it ruin the island? No (as above – Pacha and the other Super Clubs are often credited with being the financial saving grace of this wee rock in the Med'…)

So, what's got everyone's speedo's in a twist this time? Well, the island is apparently becoming VIP only. ‘Suddenly' we've VIP calibre restaurants (poor timing to mention Sa Capella, voted one of the Top Ten Restaurants in the World … yep, World … has been around for over 30 years, just outside San Antonio), VIP calibre resorts, VIP clubs… I listen intently.


Weren't we all saying just a few short years back that VIP would be great for this island and match her incredible beauty? And, forgive me, but who are you getting your advice from about where to go? I couldn't eat out every week of the summer season, enjoying the most fantastic meals, great service and beautiful venues – without any risk of bankruptcy – and get through all the non-VIP but certainly 'wow' venues available. Honestly, I know - I've tried for the last two seasons!

Hmmm. Yes, Ibiza is establishing herself as a VIP destination. However, TripAdvisor shows reviews for 849 restaurants on the island – will all of these suddenly jump out of the pram and onto the VIP highway? As for great nights out - yes, dancing included – as “Clubbing Capital of the World”, Ibiza has much, much more to offer than just the (albeit fantastic) Super Clubs to keep you on your feet for alternative nights out.

VIP only? I don't think we need to panic yet but some good spirited celebration at having the better things in life, available to us right on our doorstep might not go amiss… Of course, we could always slew the conversation to 'what is VIP?' - now that might get interesting!

In the meantime, for all those panicked, might I suggest that a close eye is kept on Ibiza Spotlight and the recommendations we offer, along with a healthy, fear-free dose of 'Change is not loss, but change only' and as VIP develops, ensure it's real and fantastic, worthy of this amazing island.

Now, talking of the better things in life (but in this instance, not VIP just great fun, super 'bang for your buck' and unquestionably good quality) here's our weekly line-up of restaurants, things to do and even a sensibly priced, sea view hotel -

Restaurant of the Week

La Cava Tapas Bar and Restaurant is renowned for its super menu, great value and you can pretty much gaurantee you're on to a winner, when it's popluar with the locals. We checked it out and are pleased to join their legions of fans.

Things to Do

Formentera is one of those exquisite places that when people talk of it, you think 'It can't be that good' ... except it is. To help you explore its amazing coastline (and indeed one of its many super restaurants) a day out with Montymar Boat Tours is highly recommended.

Hotel of the Week

Trying to figure out where to stay can be slightly stressful but Ibiza Spotlight has guided over a quarter of a million people, from 65+ countries through the booking process. We don't just pop hotels up but actually visit them to ensure they are of a standard we're happy to recommend. This week, Mar y Playa Apartments in Figueretas is one we think you should know about. Enjoy!

Villa of the Week

Casa Calma is a typical Ibizan finca, comprising 4 double bedrooms with A/C, 2 en suite bathrooms, Wi-Fi, an exterior kitchen, BBQ, a beautiful pool area and a tempting chill-out. Located in its own grounds, this villa offers absolute privacy, yet is within minutes of the village San Rafael , two of the world's most famous clubs, and Ibiza Town. Casa Calma accommodates up to 8 adults.

This week's Special Offer: from 8th to 22nd of September - before 3255€, now only 2355€ per week.

Fashion Tip of the Week

Does anything ever get by Leena Bhatti? This week, she's yet again ahead of the game: -

Ibiza; an island of lovers and freedom seekers. We follow our dreams, working hard to live life to the max. SinStar have captured this ethos in their latest high summer collection, “Patriot”.

Featuring flashes of traditional Americana and English iconic prints and trends. Key pieces include tartan leggings, American flag shorts, distressed tees, florals and cosmic prints all juxtaposed with darker punk and heavy metal influences.

Celebrate the brand's rebellion attitude on August 25 fashion show on the Premier Stage roof terrace and stay for the after party hosted by SinStar and We Love…Sundays at Space. Perfect Ibiza mash up!

Clubbing Tips for the Week

Direct from Stivi, Head of Clubbing -

The choice of parties has never been so big before in Ibiza. I understand it's sometimes really hard to pick the cherries out of our party calendar, I've done it for you once again, here are a few events I wouldn't wanna miss.

Friday - Paul Kalkbrenner (yeah, Berlin Callling - Sky and Sand, ring a bell?) is playing his only Ibiza performance at Pete Tong's Le Grand Bazaar at Ushuaïa.

Sunday - The We Love gang did it again! The Terraza at Space is the place to be with a living legend (Sasha) and a few really good producers of the moment (Bicep, Dusky, PBR Streetgang) - whoa!

Monday - It's the Sven Väth vs. Richie Hawtin week! On Monday, Hawtin visits Papa Sven's castle, Amnesia, and they will both play on the Cocoon Terrace while on Thursday, Väth will be visiting Hawtin's home for the summer, ENTER. at Space, and both of them are playing in the discoteca. Both events will be huge. They did the same trick last summer and both nights were highlights of the past season.

Wednesday - Another very tasty line up at Wisdom Of The Glove at Pacha. Guy Gerber, Four Tet, John Talabot, Midland. This is electronic music at its best - enjoy.


With the greatest pleasure and honour, for and on behalf of the Ibiza Spotlight Team, wishing you and yours a fantastic weekend!

Cat Milton.

Thank you to James Chapman, Ibiza Spotlight Clubbing Team for the lead image

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