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Review: Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza Town

Hard Rock Cafe arrives in Ibiza - we check it out.

The Hard Rock Cafe, home to the world's largest and most legendary collection of rock memorabilia, is itself becoming something of a global legend. Situated smack in the centre of Ibiza Town in Vara del Rey, with a cool, shady terrace for those swelteringly hot summer days, Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza, has arrived.

Their staggering collection of rock star's stuff began when Eric Clapton liked the restaurant so much, he brought in his guitar to hang over his favourite table as a kind of permanent reservation. Well, if it's good enough for Eric, your loyal, endlessly questing team of Ibiza Spotlight reviewers wanted to know why.

Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza -  super cocktails

Parking took a while as the centre of Ibiza Town gets crowded in the summer. My advice is to head for the large, public, pay-as-you-exit car park running parallel to Calle Bartomeu de Rosello – much less stressful than driving around in the heat for an unspecified period looking for a vacant blue bay. Also, beware. Many blue bays now require you to enter the registration number of your vehicle, so no more nipping back to put more change in the meter when the maximum 2 hours is up.

Hence I arrived somewhat flustered. And hot. I was mercifully greeted by possibly the friendliest waiter in the world, Carlito and very soon was sat in the shade enjoying a ‘Fruitapalooza' cocktail of sheer, cool liquid love. Not only that, but the seats were wonderfully padded and comfortable. Something magical happened to the geometry of my mouth, transforming a straight line of stress into a 180 degree curve of happy relaxation.

Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza -  on site shop

Sufficiently revived to be interested in shopping, off I went for a wander around the on-site boutique whilst waiting for my companion. It featured a cool collection of festival style tee-shirts and exclusive rock star accessories. I started trying things on. My wallet started to weep. The angelic shop assistant noticed the tearful interaction and helpfully pointed out something that made my wallet sing for joy! Signing up to their rewards system gets you special discounts on your food bill. Genius!

One fantastic tee-shirt later, I walked through the restaurant, impressed to see the most incredible collection of rock memorabilia, from Eric Clapton's shoes and Black Sabbath's guitar to one of Shakira's barely-there tops. From John Lennon's leather jacket to the Beastie Boy's turntables. From Madonna's pointy bra to Slash's tee-shirt and Eminem's baseball cap. Let's face it, it's as close as most of us will ever get to a rock star's underwear!

Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza - large portions

My companion arrived and containing my excitement (we were starving) we dived eagerly into the American style menu. Think lots of choice and generous portions. We opted to share the bruschetta for starters, followed by a ‘legendary' burger for my friend and good old fish and chips for me. Only after checking that the fish was fresh. Which it is. As is all the food. This was great!

It's also worth noting that the restaurant tables are spacious. There's plenty of room, even on their tables for two and they're nicely positioned so you're not constantly ramming yourself embarrassingly into your fellow diners.

Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza - high end fast food

Well, dear readers, the bruschetta was divine and easily enough for two, with sweet and juicy tomatoes, fresh herbs and lashings of parmesan. The burger was truly massive, served with grilled pepper, local cheese and island potatoes in a sweet curry sauce. You need to be very hungry and at least twice as big as me to actually finish the plate. The fish and chips were everything you want from fish and chips. Chips, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. The fish? Fresh cod, moist and succulent, deliciously and unapologetically deep fried in light, crispy batter. Served with tartare sauce and freshly made coleslaw. 2 weeks intense homesickness vanished within 5 minutes.

Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza - rock star memorbilia

With each course our waiter checked back to ask how everything was. The food came swiftly and arrived hot and fresh. Hey, I was even given the option of half-price refills of my cocktail and the (extremely large) glass was mine to take home as a souvenir. Cool! I was almost feeling like a rock star myself.

In short, if you want to eat like a rock star, get yourself down to Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza. The exhibition of memorabilia is fascinating, the food is deliciously fresh and the portions are large. The restaurant service is fast and friendly. We give it a big thumbs up!

Quick Facts

What? Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza

When? Lunch and dinner every day all year

Where? Vara del Rey, Ibiza Town

Why? Big portions, fresh food, Fantastic exhibition of rock memorabilia and cool, on-site boutique.

Average spend per head? €30-35 including drink

Top tip? Their clever rewards system gives you discount on your food when you buy from the on-site shop.

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