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Gecko Jewellery, Ibiza

Authentic (how refreshing!) unique bespoke jewellery by a Master Goldsmith, Reinhard Maier

Gecko jewellery?

We knew we were in for a treat before we even arrived. Everyone to whom I had mentioned Phil (Head of VIP for Ibiza Spotlight) and I were off to meet Reinhard Maier, Master Goldsmith of Gecko Jewellery had nothing but praise and appreciation for his work.


Gecko Jewellery - necklace

Reinhard is a discreet understated gentleman. As his name gives away, he was born and raised in Germany. His own Father was a Goldsmith and the work fascinated the son. Following the tradition, Reinhard undertook his apprenticeship in 1970. In 1974 however, the World changed for the aspiring jeweller and he found himself having to change tact to survive. He moved into studying as a dental technician. Nonetheless the allure of working with gold persisted and finally in 1987, he attained the accolade of ‘Master Goldsmith'.

Gecko Jewellery - keyring

With the support of his wife, whom he had married in 1978, Reinhard opened his own business in Germany, turning his passion into a successful business.

Across the years however, Reinhard and his wife discovered Ibiza and fell in love with the island. After nearly twenty years of success in Germany they decided to relocate.

Enter the Gecko, synonymous with Reinhards work and style.

Inspired by Ibiza and finding his creativity rekindled, Reinhard adopted the Gecko as a symbol of his appreciation, incorporating it into his now famous pieces.


Gecko Jewellery - pendant

Beautiful, delicate, sparkling necklaces, intricate bracelets, timeless earrings, gecko keyrings and much, much more can be found at Gecko's studio. Reinhards passion and creativity continues to burn brightly and reflects in his delicate pieces, ensuring an exquisite – and authentic - gift for those that want to remember the island.

However, whilst the Gecko is instantly recognisable as one of Reinhards much sought after creations, Reinhard has a talent for bespoke pieces and accepts commissions. He also has quite a reputation for being able to change and repair jewellery, much to the delight of many customers.

The Experience.

Gecko Jewellery - Reinhard Maeir at work

Although he struggles with English (and I with Spanish!) Reinhards welcome at his artists studio was warm and informative. Tucked up in the hills of Cala Salada, the studio is easy to find and a lovely environment in which to get a sense of not just the jewellery but the Master Goldsmith behind its creation. He very kindly took time out to show Phil and myself how some of the pieces are actually made, lending itself to the overall experience superbly.


Gecko Jewellery - necklace

Ibiza is for many, a magical island and Reinhards Gecko jewellery both captures and honours that. We are very pleased to bring it to the attention of discerning clientele of Ibiza Spotlight, confident that for many it will make a great gift or memento for a loved one, of a treasured time.

To Contact Gecko / Reinhard

To enjoy a private consultation or to explore pieces available via Reinhards website, please click - Gecko Ibiza

Gecko Jewellery - with Phil Dibbs

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