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Experience: Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort and Hotel

Everyone's talking about Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort so we popped along personally to explore...

VIP luxury Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort and Hotel is a quite something to behold. As I start to write and tell you about it, I found myself checking the images and have to say right from the outset that it is a true representation. In fact, if anything, the images don't quite do the resort justice.

Firstly, there is the remarkably beautiful location. Ibiza is one exquisite vista after another but the setting of Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort is truly a step above. Situated high on the cliff edges by Talamanca, just a very short taxi ride to Ibiza Town, the views afforded are sure to impress. Dalt Vila (Old Town), Formentera and the Mediterranean stretch out before you. Sunrise on one side and sunset on the other.

Walking in, you are greeted by attentive staff as the massive reception and lounge area opens up before you. Beyond this the pool (with gorgeous sunbeds, of course) and restaurant comes into view. Carefully manicured grounds surround the accommodation of 160+ guest rooms. There's no getting away from it – it's stunning.

I had the pleasure of touring the resort, from the four private villas (all with their own kitchens, should you want to fly in with your private chef) and individual pools. A Hot Yoga room, a Wellness centre and even a private club room (open from midnight until dawn light, for guests) touch upon just some of the facilities of this resort.

Time for lunch. Here I have to be honest and say one of my greatest disappointments with resorts generally is that it is usually when dining that you are reminded you're not at a top class restaurant, but just eating at a resort. Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort and Hotel is classed as VIP Luxury (some have rated it 5 star but it's still a work in progress so we're sitting tight and watching rather than rushing in) and I was curious if they too would fall into this trap with mediocre dining.

I need not have worried. At all. The food was first class. From sushi to lobster to black cod to an outstanding dessert, the excellence was unquestionably confirmed.

Even now, four days later, with chance for some of the ‘wow' factor to subside, I find myself instead looking at my schedule wistfully and wondering when I might book in for a night – this truly is a luxury escape.

So, the icing on the cake for many?

Much of the resort is open to the public, not just guests. Want to recline on one of those wonderful sunbeds or try out the restaurant for yourself, perhaps after using the fitness facilities? Destino Pacha Resort currently offers this so if you fancy adding a large serving of VIP to your holiday, don't hesitate!

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