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NEW: Living & Working in Ibiza 2013

Special Offer for Ibiza Spotlight Audience! The eBook "Step by Step Guide, Living & Working Ibiza Summer Season 2013" is hailed a 'must have' for anyone looking to live and work on the island this year.

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For many, the idea of living and working in Ibiza for a summer season remains nothing but a pipe dream, but almost three years ago, Lauren Young took the plunge to do just that…and now, thanks to her new book, Step by Step Guide to Living and Working in Ibiza 2013, many other people may be inspired to make their dream a reality too.

Originally from Pembrokeshire, Wales, Lauren was attracted to Ibiza by the thought of plenty of opportunities for summer work, due to the massive increase in tourism, and confesses that Ibiza's reputation for having the best music and clubs in the world was also a significant deciding factor!

Of course, re-locating to a foreign country presents a number of challenges and difficulties and as Lauren struggled to overcome each of them, she realised that there was no concise Ibiza guide available, nor single point of information for people wanting to live and work in Ibiza for the summer.

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Lauren, therefore, decided to put all of her experiences and knowledge to good use, and to help others by compiling tips and insights into one comprehensive Ibiza guide. It was a challenging project, taking about five months to complete, with painstaking research involved, but Lauren was determined to gather every last piece of information into one book that would help people with all aspects of a move to Ibiza, and give them the confidence they would need to do it.

She trawled through websites in order to provide her readers with as many addresses and contact details for all key areas as possible, and interviewed dozens of people to gain a broad view of experiences and impressions of living in Ibiza. But, according to Lauren, the most difficult thing to research was the up to date legal requirements for the NIE (the Foreigners' Identification Number), due to the fact that Spanish laws and regulations change so frequently!

The result is a 60+ page book, packed with information about all aspects of life in Ibiza, from the legalities, to how to find somewhere to live, what kind of work contract to request, how to get social security, how to open a bank account, how to get a Spanish phone…all of the things that are overwhelming to tackle when you have never lived abroad before.

Wanting her Ibiza guide to be as accessible to everyone as possible, Lauren decided to publish straight to PDF format, so that anyone with a smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac is able to read it. To the same end, the Ibiza guide is modestly priced at just £5.99 / €7.10 approximately…depending on the exchange rate.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the process of researching and writing her first guide - and with an obvious talent for it - Lauren plans to continue writing information guides for people wanting to live abroad, and her Ibiza guide will be updated annually with any changes in regulations, and with any further information she may find during her own journey of living and working in Ibiza.

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