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Summer Island Drinks

Our local newspaper Diario de Ibiza has been talking

Our local newspaper Diario de Ibiza has been talking to some of the leading players in the drinks industry on the island vis-a-vis the poor start to the tourist season.

Local beer suppliers say that orders from bars for the amber nectar are down between 5 and 20%. They say that because of the economic climate – higher interest rates and a weak pound – people are making do with less beer.

The real climate, the weather, is playing its part too. Sales of soft drinks are also down, and most of the blame for this is put down to the cool, wet weather in May and early June.

However now it's hot and dry and drink sales are once again picking up. Xavier Escandell, boss of Ibiza wine merchants Enotecum, gave the paper's readers some good advice on the noble art of wine drinking at this time of year.

Vitally important is the temperature of the wine. If you're dining out on a hot night,your wine needs to be kept at the right temperature in an ice bucket with lots of cold water and a little ice by your table. If not, it will be past its best within 15 minutes!

Light red wines are an ideal summer drink if they are cooled down slowly – don't put them in the freezer for half an hour before dinner – it has completely the wrong effect on them.
Xavier's top tip for summer is Cava. Light, refreshing and sparkly, it's a drink for any time of day which can be an aperitif or a fine accompaniment to a meal, and comes in two colours, white and rosé!

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