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Ibizkus Ibiza

A new rosé wine has just been launched in Ibiza

A new rosé wine has just been launched in Ibiza and it's everything you'd expect from the Med's trendiest island. Gone are the days when we drank Blue Nun or Black Tower with a piece of cheese and pineapple on a stick – now style, image and taste are all important.

Young Ibiza wine producer Laurent Fresard – yes, he's French – has all three in abundance, and so does his new wine Ibizcus. Launched up in the vineyard in San Mateo the wine is made from Monastrell grapes which have a direct lineage to seeds brought to Ibiza by the Phoenicians 2000 years ago.

The name Ibizkus is a clever play on words on the name of the beautiful pink flower hibiscus which grows all over the island and the packaging, logo, and presentation reflect this.

Only 12,000 bottles a year will be produced and Laurent, who's philosophy is that we should drink wine, not just talk about it, reckons that this light refreshing wine will be well received in Ibiza's 'tres chic' nighteries.

Bottoms up everybody.

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