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Ibiza Carnival

It's been Carnival time in Ibiza for the last 5 days

It's been Carnival time in Ibiza for the last 5 days as towns and villages island wide have celebrated the coming of lent with an explosion of fun, frivolity and colour.


The main parades were in Ibiza on Sunday when around 1500 people marched round the main streets in fancy dress and what seemed like the whole island turned out to watch. In San Antonio and Santa Eulalia there were colourful processions on Tuesday afternoon which blocked the streets for hours.

All the parades feature local associations of neighbours, organisations or schools which obviously put many hours of hard work into planning the costumes and choreography of their floats which have humorous, satirical or political themes.

Capricorn Dancers

As ever, one of the best groups is the Capricorn Dance Academy which this year took its theme from the film Hairspray and won the competition for best float in both Ibiza and San Antonio.

So without further ado, here are the photos.

Barbie's got Car Problems - where's Ken when you need him?

On Broadway

Send in the Clowns

Manchester United Supporters Club

Yabba Dabba Doo

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