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Restore Ibiza

The ancient walls of Ibiza's Dalt Vila citadel

The ancient walls of Ibiza's Dalt Vila citadel are well and truly due for a good old restoration. They've been an official 'monument' in the city since 1946 and have been part of the World Heritage Site since 1999 and so obviously deserve all the care and attention that could be lavished upon them to preserve them as long as possible.

Portal Nou

Ibiza City Council has just announced that they're to spend €350,000 cleaning up and renovating four important areas round the 'Portals' (entrances) through the walls. Spain's Ministry of Culture is funding 75% of the costs for work on the Portal de ses Taules, the Pati d´Armes, Portal Nou and the baluarte de Sant Pere.

A specialist company will commence the task of cleaning, restoring and conserving the old stone structures in February and if all goes according to plan, will finish some 9 months later. They'll also be keeping the walls free of grass which grows in the joints over the next 3 years so that the walls look just as they did during the Goode Olde Dayes of the Middle Ages.