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People from Ibiza

Ibiza's population has increased once again in 2007

Ibiza's population has increased once again in 2007. Official figures just released reveal that in Ibiza there was a population increase of 3.3%, an additional 3790 inhabitants, bringing the total up to 117,698.

With a major part of the increase being made up of young, single men looking for work it's no surprise that the ratio of men to women is skewed. There are 4000 more males than females in Ibiza.

In tiny neighbouring island Formentera, there are now 8,442 inhabitants, a 6.1% increase on last year.

But where do we all live? Statistics released about the used housing market show that to buy a place on Ibiza will cost on average €3248 per square metre – ie over €300,000 for a two/three bedroomed apartment.

This puts Ibiza 4th in the list of expensive places to live behind Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque country.