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San Mateo Wine Festival

Ibiza's two biggest and best known wine producers

Ibiza's two biggest and best known wine producers Sa Cova and Can Rich are both based in San Antonio, at San Mateo and Buscastel respectively. So it should come as no surprise that the Sa Cova vineyard is heavily involved in the San Mateo Wine festival of wine which takes place on Saturday 15th December.

They'll be running a couple of courses in viticulture on the 12th and 13th starting at 18.00 and organised by the Agriculture department to give people a brief idea of what they're drinking on the night – some pretty hefty country wines produced by families from the area.

The festival itself has a 6pm taste-off in the village's sports centre and will feature the consumption of lots of wine from 'porrons' (those special jars with a spout where you drink and swallow at the same time without closing your mouth) ,locally made sausages, folk dancing and a couple of bands, Complot and Paradís.

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