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Ibiza's August Weather

It's been a funny old year in Ibiza, weather wise

It's been a funny old year in Ibiza, weather wise. This August has been the coolest for the last 20 years bar 2002. Before you start reaching for your thermals we'd better say that the average temperature was 25.2 degrees C, not quite a degree less than the normal 26 C.
August was quite wet too. The airport meteorological office measured 88 litres of water falling on every square metre of land. That's an astonishing 69 litres more than normal! However as most of it fell in about 2 or 3 days of deluges the majority of holidaymakers here wouldn't have seen any precipitation.
One place where the rain was more noticeable was the new road to the airport where the underpasses served to collect more water than a village pond due to the inadequacies of the drainage system. Why oh why can't the authorities and planners learn from their mistakes in the past to make things right now?

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