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Roman Aqueduct in Ibiza

What have the Romans ever done for Ibiza?

What have the Romans ever done for Ibiza? Well apart from medicine, education, wine, roads, public health, public baths, order, irrigation, sanitation and peace, nothing. Apart from the aqueduct that is!
Now we can see all that remains of the Roman legacy in Ibiza at no less a cultural historic venue of the Multicines' car park on the inner ring road of Ibiza town. There you can gaze in awe at a little piece of a Roman Aqueduct that was unearthed during the badly needed construction of the motorways (take that Romans, you never thought of motorways!) which has been moved to its new location.
The Heritage Department of the Island Government have spent €700,000 creating an architecturally designed space for, and moving, the small stretch of aqueduct which was built to carry fresh water to Ibiza town.
It just demonstrates how clever the Romans were, because 2000 years later 40,000 people in Ibiza town still can't drink the tap water!
Next week we discuss the Spanish Inquisition in Ibiza.

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