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Ibiza People Power II

Another reason for the PP's demise was their failure to recognise

Another reason for the PP's demise was their failure to recognise the changing demographics of the island. There are now more people living here who are not Ibicenco, than the local people themselves. In San Jose an extra 3000 voters – mostly in the Cala de Bou area – ensured that the Mayor of the last 24 years, Jose Serra Escansdell who is due before the Judge later this month, would no longer govern the Borough.

Completely out of touch with his new electorate, Serra, (pictured above with trademark construction site) still used the long gone Peseta as his unit of currency in his political speeches, threatened tax increases unless the construction fuelled economy didn't continue, seemed to forget that Cala de Bou – where the shambolic 'plan of excellence' is still unfinished and way over budget at taxpayers' expense – existed, paid the price. The writing was on the wall from before the polls opened as queues of people – most of them quite young - waited patiently to cast their vote.

Interestingly, the new mayor is called Josep Mari Ribas and the new leader of the opposition since the ex-mayor retired from politics is also called Josep Mari Ribas! Thankfully, both are known by their nick names – Augustinet and Reganes – so we all won't get confused.