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New Improved Nautical Club

The Nautical Club of Ibiza's biggest resort, San Antonio

The Nautical Club of Ibiza's biggest resort, San Antonio, is to have a major overhaul. The remodelling of pretty well all the installations there will cost over €20 million and will make boat owners, sportsmen and the fishing fleet extremely happy.

The scheme is being financed from future income from the next 30 years and much of that will come from the rental of 200 more mooring spots to yacht owners. The extra 200 places will bring the number of moorings up to 574, and in addition the Club's HQ, which contains a fabulous restaurant and bar will also be extended by another couple of hundred square metres.

Even better, there'll be another 190 parking places for cars, ideal for people visiting the gaggle of nice bars and restaurants along the waterfront. We're told that the works will last for 18 months though we don't intend to hold our breath!

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