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Ibiza Medieval Festival

Gadzooks and hey nonny nonny it's Medieval Festival time in Ibiza town again!

Gadzooks and hey nonny nonny it's Medieval Festival time in Ibiza town again! Every year on the second weekend in May, so this year 11th 12th and 13th, we bring out the nosegays to celebrate everything that was good about the middle ages in Ibiza.

In come peddlers, noblemen, fakirs (no, not the Clifford Irving type) snake charmers, minstrels and mummers, and out go rats, bubonic plague, all water borne diseases and feudalism.

The festival and market is held to commemorate the declaration of Dalt Vila as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 1999. Over the years it's grown and grown and now around 120,000 people visit it over the three days to join in the fun which is totally free. You will however need to stuff your pockets (did they have pockets back then?) with all your Groats and Dinars if you want to buy some of the handicrafts made before your very eyes by artisans manning some of the 200 stalls in the market.

You are guaranteed never to be bored during the three days as there's a big programme of entertainment including medieval theatre, falconry, archery, Arab dances and of course much carousing accompanied by the quaffing of flagons of ale. The idea is to reflect the different cultures and civilisations which have shaped the face of Ibiza as we know it today – Arabs, Jews, Christians will all be represented there. Won't you come and join us?

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