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Fishy Tales from Ibiza

Yesterday Ibiza's only aquarium

Yesterday Ibiza's only aquarium, rather grandly and officially titled The Cap Blanc Recuperation Centre for Marine Species, held an open day for the public. The idea was to show people how the centre cares for, and eventually released back into the wild, marine animals which for one reason or another, are feeling a bit under the weather.

Visitors to the aquarium during the year - and there are about 10,000 annually - can see around 100 examples of 30 different species at any one time in the natural seawater cave that houses it in the Cala Gracio area of San Antonio.

In days of yore fishermen used to store their catch of lobsters in the cave until they found a buyer for the super fresh crustaceans. This earned the place the name 'Lobster Cave' and many old folk still refer to it thus.

One fishy tale from the aquarium's history occurred when would be thieves broke in during an attempt to steal some delicious denizens of the deep - sea bream and bass - to sell on to local restaurateurs. Their plot was foiled only by the timely intervention of the Guardia Civil who presumably made the swabs walk the plank or other administered other suitable maritime punishments.

Joking apart, if you are in the San Antonio area, do pop in for a visit - the aquarium can be accessed by land or sea - as it really is interesting to watch the fish in their natural habitat and the bar overlooking the bay serves ice cold beer!

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