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Cycle Tourism in Ibiza

We're world famous in Ibiza for our clubbing scene, beautiful beaches,

We're world famous in Ibiza for our clubbing scene, beautiful beaches, many with the prestigious blue flag award, and our fast growing rural hotel sector.

However this year has seen a massive amount of interest generated in outdoor sporting activities, particularly in spring, when the weather is perfect for being out in the clean fresh air.

The tourist authorities working with the Island and Local Government have made enormous strides in the area of cycle tourism. Ibiza is now criss-crossed with hundreds of kilometres of clearly marked cycle routes which guide riders effortlessly through our beautiful countryside or round the rugged coastline.

There are 20 well planned routes which traverse mountains or more gentler roads, and which pass by the hidden corners of the island taking in ancient wells, monuments, ruins, watch towers and windmills.

Each route has an information board showing the points of interest along the way, and equally as important, the gradient.

Town Halls and tourist offices stock leaflets showing the cycle routes, or information can be obtained from the website, which is currently only in Spanish.

However if charging around on a mountain bike is a bit too energetic for you in high summer, many of the routes can be followed by car and open up a whole new side of the island to many visitors.

And as most routes just happen to have the odd bar on them, stopping for a cool drink or lunch makes cycling a real pleasure.

We just happened by Can Tixedo bar and art gallery on route number 3 yesterday!

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