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Ibiza Bar Wars

Yet another top quality reality TV Show from abroad has decamped on Ibiza Island

Yet another top quality reality TV Show from abroad has decamped on Ibiza Island. This time the Italians are here to make a programme called Bar Wars which pits six young Italian boys against their female counterparts in a battle to see who can run a bar with most success.

Surprisingly the contestants are all young, fit and extremely attractive which will surely help boost ratings for Sky Vivo, the digital channel making the programme. Another sure omen of success for the show is that the producers are Endemol, the company that unleashed Big Brother on a bored world and then double whammied us with The Salon.

So what happens in Bar Wars? Well, all the contestants live together in a fab finca where cameras follow their every move and record every word they say. So, a bit of Big Brother to start with. Then the competition involves the two teams running a beach bar each when we see their strategies to attract customers, create an ambience and stack up as much cash as possible to win. So a bit like the apprentice but without Sir Alan!

Every Thursday one of the group will get booted off the show after a public phone in and as far as we know this is a totally new and revolutionary concept on TV.

So if anyone fancies an ice cool pint pulled by an Italian stallion then head down to Cap Des Falcó and you just might get onto the telly! And you never know, as the show is filmed down Las Salinas way, we might just see some of the truly beautiful natural areas of Ibiza!

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