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Ibiza Well I Never!

Tiny wee tales that are interesting but not astounding

Tiny wee tales that are interesting but not astounding.

Did you know that there are 158.27 cars per square kilometre on the island? The level of density ranges from 37.8 psk in San Juan up to 3026 psk in Ibiza town where you'd be forgiven for thinking that they were all trying to squeeze into the same parking space.

Prices of petrol have dropped by 8% over the last week in Ibiza. It's now back down to under a Euro for unleaded as a litre now costs 97 cents.

Ibiza harbour's maritime station was closed last week while the Guardia Civil investigated two suspicious rucksacks found there at midnight. Explosives experts confirmed, after an anxious time, that the rucksacks were harmless and had probably been left, 'forgotten' (like you do) by passengers who had departed hours earlier on the ferry.