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Bad Wedding

The parishioners of San Miguel are not likely to forget the wedding

The parishioners of San Miguel are not likely to forget the wedding of top Spanish motorcycle ace Fonsi Nieto to model Ariadne Artiles in a hurry. Much as they'd like to erase the memory of the nuptial shenanigans which occurred last Thursday the scars, both mental, and on the church, are likely to remain for some time.

The trouble seems to have stemmed from the couple selling the exclusive photo rights of the wedding to Hola magazine for an undisclosed sum ranging between €180,000 to €480,000! To prevent any unauthorised photos being taken a 'security team' was employed which took a heavy handed and footed approach to anyone with a camera by threatening to break their legs and refused entry to the church to all but the star studded guest list.

Top add insult to injury the bride's big black limo arrived at 70 KPH, narrowly missing the assembled crowd, incurring the wrath of the Guardia Civil who'd been called to deal with the security team, leaving rubber skid marks in the courtyard and crashing into a column of the church!

Obviously this kind of thing doesn't happen so often in our quiet country parishes and the Bishop of Ibiza is currently waiting for divine inspiration on how to stop it happening in the future.

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